Home Decor With Tonza: 7 Rich Ways To Liven Up Your Homestead

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Home décor with Tonza are tips that can be helpful, but keep your own individual style when you liven up your homestead’s home décor.

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Home Décor With Tonza: Valspar Paint Made The Difference!

These tips are guidelines that can be helpful, but keep your own individual style when you liven up your homestead’s home decor.

1. Paint-It-In-A-Day Livingroom

Create a focal wall by painting one wall with a cheerful or elegant color that unifies the room adding a welcome splash of color to your living room.

I used 2 gallons of Valspar Aspire for my focal wall, and it made all the difference to boring and tired paint.

I repurposed the Christmas décor over the mirror and on the door. Why not?

I love the faux look of evergreen pine needles and pine cones, year round.

Thanks to my eye for beautiful things, accessories from flea markets and thrift stores blend seamlessly to create one beautiful design.

2. Hallway On Display | Color Works!

A contemporary palette of gold sets the stage for my mixed collection of African necklaces, art and vintage China.

Display your collection on easy-to-install open-shelf units.

It’s the bold Valspar paint that makes it stand out.

3. Painted Floors Have Become Fashionable

Also, in my home décor with Tonza project, it came as no surprise to discover out-of-favor linoleum when I removed the carpet.

I’m frugal, so painting the hardwood and linoleum floors the same unifying color is an inexpensive decorative trick that can be used to extend color, in lieu of traditional rugs.

Although, I added inexpensive rugs for warmth and design.

4. Thrifty Luxe Curtains

Miss Scarlett wore her drapes and I made mine from Asian embroidered silk panels that were probably used for up-scale events.

Draped over curtain rods, they are both functional and flattering.

I used the unifying fabric on the headboard and bed cover.

I also played it again on my office desk.

5. One-Of-A-Kind Workspace: Surround Yourself With Inspiration

I’ll never lift my table skirt to show and tell. Just take my word that it’s a folding table (also used for my estate sales).

It’s draped with a repurposed Asian embroidered silk panel, with a nice view towards the kitchen garden.

The executive’s chair was purchased at Unclaimed Freight for $150.

My home office and desk is outfitted with art and personality-filled items that’s as organized as they are unique.

The linoleum floor is painted and lacquered.

At home, you can decorate and organize your office any way you want to make it efficient for how you like to work, and customized to maximize creativity.

Include artwork, family photos and favorite objects in your office to rev your creative juices and rejuvenate your spirit.

A too-austere office will quickly make work feel like drudgery, which is why I like my desk facing a window with an inspiring view.

Practical Things Should Be Pretty

Every office needs binders, pen holders, and storage containers, which I hide under the table skirt, but you can choose some that are attractive and complement the room’s overall decorating scheme.

Use Color Strategically

Need a space that’s serene for long periods of concentration?

Choose a mostly neutral scheme.

Lively craft spaces do well with hues to match.

6. A Fine Collection Of Thrift And ‘Tiques

My passion for collecting by plundering flea markets, antique shows, estate sales… borders on an addiction.

In this case, I fancy art, pottery, Native American… and pewter.

Collections are the things that add character and personality to your home.

7. Porcelain Dishes Are Some Of My Favorite Home Decor

And don’t think I don’t use them.

I am like a little girl playing with a doll house.

I change table settings on a whim; and nothing is too fancy for everyday use, because I buy it “used.”

Beautiful hanging plates look nice in any room of the house.

All in all, remember, the more beautiful your homestead looks and feels, the more at ease you feel when relaxing after a hard days work.

These tips are guidelines that can be helpful, but keep your own individual style when you liven up your homestead’s home décor.

Rural Money Homestead Livingroom Updated
Rural Money Homestead Livingroom Updated

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