Home Based Business: Dream Of Owning Your Own Business

Home Based Business

Home Based Business: Dream Of Owning Your Own Business?

Now You Can Stop Dreaming—We Will Help You Become A Business Owner

LaTrausche Consulting LLC offers you a proven business model to guide you in all the steps necessary to have successful home based business.

No publishing experience is necessary!

However, you must enjoy being your own decision maker and have good work habits.

Sales experience is not required, but is helpful.

We are expanding by licensing people in areas with a population of 125,000+ people age 50+.

You should find this to be a very enjoyable business…with freedom rarely found inside corporate America.

As a publisher one of your main activities will be to contact businesses that should be included in your magazine.

Senior Life Magazine is a product that is looked forward to.

It is received as a treat and in demand in the markets currently served.

Our goal to our readers is to educate, inspire and inform!

Senior Life is a targeted market magazine designed to help businesses sell their products and services to the largest segment of the population, Boomers/Senior 50+!

Boomers/Seniors are not fitting the retired, inactive sitting on the porch rolls they once did.

There are millions of mainstream active and busy Boomers/Seniors in all walks of life.

Business want to reach this segment, and that is what makes this a good business.

We help business introduce themselves to this very significant segment of the market place.

Senior Life is designed to inform active Boomers/Seniors and their families about various products and services they need or want.

Senior Life Magazine reaches new customers issue after issue for the advertisers.

If you’re ready to make your dreams a reality, take action today!

call:  423.290.3507

email:  LaTrausche@gmail.com

Curated from Senior Life In Georgia

Thoughts From The Rural Money Editor:  Boomers and seniors 50+ is the biggest market throughout the world, and growing.

This demographic is not irrelevant.

They need and buy everything from A-Z even though they have two or three of everything.

It is a phenomenal market, but I recommend giving them the opportunity to buy what they “need” and “want,” without emphasis on age!

Products and services that help them live healthy and longer, look younger, maintain flexibility, hearing, mobility, comfort, etc.

Many seniors are active, so offer a mix of products for the active, visually and mobility impaired.