4 Growing Job Fields In Rural America For Single Moms

Growing Job Fields In Rural Ameriica
4 Growing Job Fields In Rural America For Single Moms

Jobs Are Attainable Now In Rural America

There is light at the end of the tunnel with growing job fields for single moms in rural America and beyond, who desire to own a homestead.

Demand for these jobs is expected to grow between now and 2022, according to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics.

Unemployment in rural America remains highest for single moms with the least education, however, the good news is: Demand for workers in the health care field means opportunities for those with a high school diploma or equivalent or less than a high school diploma.

The health care field continues to grow as the rural population ages.

Jobs that are attainable now with projected growth through 2022 include:

Personal Care Aides

48.8 percent Median salary: $19,910. Help individuals with everyday tasks, including dressing, grooming, light housekeeping and preparing meals. Education: High school diploma or less.

Home Health Aides

48.5 percent Median Salary: $20,820. Duties: Provides routine care such as bathing and dressing the elderly, patients recovering from surgery and people with disabilities; monitors and reports changes in health status. Education: No formal education is required, although, most aides have a high school diploma or Certified Nurse’s Aide certificate.

Medical Secretaries

36 percent Median salary: $31,350. Duties: Perform routine clerical and administrative duties, including organizing files, drafting messages, scheduling appointments and supporting other staff. Education: A high school diploma is usually required, candidates should have basic office and computer skills.

Medical Assistants

29 percent Median salary: $29,370. Duties: Take a patient’s blood pressure and temperature; provide other clinical, administrative and clinical assistance. Education: Most medical assistants have some post-secondary education, such as a certificate, others have a high school diploma and learn through on-the-job training.

Rural Money Tips:
By becoming a personal care or home health aide, you could easily earn $15/hour starting pay if you focus on getting private, affluent clients.

Discover new health care clients by introducing yourself at local medical clinics, rehab centers, doctor’s office, etc., and leaving your business card.