Group Home Riches: You Must Learn To Sell And Market

Group Home Riches
Group Home Riches: You Must Learn To Sell And Market

If You Want To Advance In Your Life In Any Type Of Way, There Is A Requirement!

Whether it be an idea, a service, or a product, here are seven great sales and marketing lessons from the Group Home Riches Course.

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Group Home Riches offers the GOLD COURSE that you can apply to your life TODAY:

Lesson 1: You need to be sold 100% on your product and/or service.

Always sell yourself first.

Only to the degree that you’re sold you can sell.

Being sold will make you enthusiastic and positive rather than just pressuring someone.

Example – If you don’t believe YOUR group home is the best, how will you be able to convince clients to live at it?

Lesson 2: Get out of the sales business and get into the people business.

Whenever you’re selling, it’s people that are buying.

It’s been said people don’t care what you know, until they know how much you care.

Sales should be about helping people, and you must be able to connect your product or service as the solution to your customer’s problem.

In the case of your Group Home – It is TRULY ABOUT HELPING YOUR COMMUNITY.

Lesson 3: Agree with the customer.

Nobody is going to argue or disagree with you when you’re agreeing with them.

Agree, don’t fight.

Agree first, and then go into your suggestion.

Agreeing with them first will get them more receptive to what you want to say.

Lesson 4: Take massive action.

If you don’t take massive action, you’ll default into taking passive action.

Your dreams will never come true taking only passive action.

Need more people calling you for your group home?

 Get your website now. It is that simple.

Lesson 5: Build your online network.

This is your “power base” and not only includes your friends and family… it also includes ALL of your online acquaintances.

These people know other people who you can reach out to and sell (case workers, social workers, nurses etc.)

Lesson 6: Show, don’t tell.

People believe what they see, not what they hear.

Present your product or service in a visual way.

Get a Group Home Riches website up and going now.

Don’t just tell people you are in business – SHOW THEM.

Lesson 7: Maintain a great attitude.

Do this by avoiding TV, radio, and other media resources that are mostly negative, avoid the “can’t do” people around you, and get others in your life on board with your life ambitions and goals.

We do this with the GROUP HOME RICHES COMMUNITY…..

But in order for you to build your own Group Home network, you WILL need to build a website and get started today.