Are You Ready For The Next Great Recession And Financial Collapse

Great Recession
Are You Ready For The Next Great Recession And Financial Collapse

Did The Great Recession Of 2008-2010 Help You Or Hurt You?

A better question is how will the great recession of 2022 affect your job, home, car, credit, etc. amidst the pending financial collapse?

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Moreover, in the Donald Trump economy, bank lending is slowing.

Nevertheless, the President has warned that we are in a “BIG, FAT, UGLY BUBBLE” that will soon burst.

Read this post because it is extremely important.

The financial experts are reading the tea leaves that say the recession is well underway and a “Fed” economic crisis is imminent.

However, that doesn’t mean the market won’t continue going up for a while.

Remember, market PSYCHOLOGY plays a HUGE role in the economy and the stock market.

The stock market is not sustainable!

The Next Recession Could Be Your Great Opportunity

If you look at the best investors in the world from King Solomon 2000+ years ago to Carlos Slim, Buffett, Gates and the Rainwater’s of today, you will find one thing in common–CASH FLOW.

These investors are essentially business owners.

They don’t focus on the vicissitudes of the market and whether a stock is high or low.

They focus on how much CASH, i.e. INCOME the underlying asset/business produces.

Why is this important for you as a Rural Money reader?

The concept of running GROUP HOMES for CASH FLOW is the next “sure thing” in Real Estate.

You are not banking on buying low and selling high.

Your business is the operation of GROUP HOMES.


A 4 bedroom home with 8 beds paying $600 per month (THE EASIEST TYPE OF GROUP HOME TO RUN) Generates you $4,800 Per month with expenses of roughly $1,500 – $2,000.

Owning just one group home like this will generate you $3,000 per month in net, spendable income!!!

The beauty of this home business is that it will continue to generate income for you during this next crisis.

This is one of the ways RICH PEOPLE build their wealth.

They have income generating businesses that they own; and when the next garage sale for the wealthy happens, i.e. economic recession, they buy up all the assets at $0.10 – $0.50 cents on the dollar!!!

How is the best way for you to prepare?

Learn how to start a group home by reading some of my good friend, Randy Rothschild’s books and courses, or signing up for his Gold Membership Plan to get it all.

This guy knows his stuff about Group Home Riches!

And, his materials can do more than help rural Americans pay their bills.

Everybody needs shelter and, unfortunately, many people will lose their homes during the next Great Recession.

Personally, I have friends doing this type of home based business and making a nice, passive income.

Learn more here.

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