How To Get Rich At The Alter Like The Rich Do

Get Rich At The Alter
Get Rich At The Alter

It’s Just As Easy To Fall In Love With A Rich Man As A Poor One!

Don’t forget that individuals like you can get rich at the alter like the rich do and make more money in five minutes saying “I do”.

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You can make more money by getting hitched to the right person than an average person can earn in five hundred lifetimes.

If you are starting your life all over again, being a serial wife and marrying sons who are wealthy should be high on your priority list.

Naturally, if one of them turned out to be a “keeper” there would be no need to change horses in mid-stream.

One does make interesting contacts romancing rich farmers, doctors, lawyers, etc. even if you don’t marry them.

Marrying into wealth of course does tend to give a jump start to the career of an ambitious woman.

There is nothing quite equal to becoming an instant partner and eventually taking over your father-in-law’s business.

When you are travelling abroad, many members of the opposite sex will like you because you are different and exotic.

They will find your strange accent ever so charming.

And, if your manners are not so good, they may excuse you because after all, you are from a different culture.

Human nature, being what it is, should enable you, with practice, to seduce any man pretty quickly.

Neil Strauss has written great books on the subject of seduction.

Wikipedia: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

After seduction, love and marriage often follow.

Sidetrack On Seduction To Get Rich At The Alter

The trick of instant seduction is easy.

Basically you don’t have to say a word.

Your actions will say, “I am irresistibly attracted to you. I am absolutely crazy about you. I love you with all my heart. I must have you at once. I need you. We are destined for each other.”

Then you rip off all his clothes (preferably in private).

This post is to remind you that an excellent way to make a good living is to marry well.

The main thing to remember if you want to get rich at the alter is not to waste your time on the fiscally undesirable.

Look for suitably wealthy potential spouses.

Hang out where they hang out.

If the above seduction technique doesn’t work at first, keep trying.

Nothing succeeds like persistence.

Use the Neil Strauss proven methods.

There is nothing a woman likes better than being perceived as a sex object.

A woman who is wanted so badly that the suitor can’t even think of anything else is always complimented and usually won over by all the romantic attention.

Let’s now look at who has gotten rich at the alter.

They are not always beautiful, talented or socially acceptable.

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Want to be the target of a wealthy suitor?

Many people marry into the “wrong” age group or social class just to get even with their parents.

Thus, even an ugly slob with the manners of a wart-hog, can have hope.

It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one.

When Sex Doesn’t Play A Role

Sometimes relatively sexless marriages of convenience can last longer and be more honest than old fashioned romantic love marriages.

But in general, the road to the altar begins with sexual attraction, i.e., a pleasurable romp in the hay. ;-}

Once you’ve seduced the target, providing you have had plenty of practice and know how to satisfy a partner, it is simple to move in with them.

If you are persuasive, marry them in a few months.

There is nothing like whirlwind romance to sweep a man off his feet.

Most men for that matter are suckers for old fashioned love at first sight

If the subject of your relative poverty comes up, give them any excuse like, “I’m a creative artist and can’t be bothered to think about money.”

Most lovers and future spouses are initially happy to support a doting parasite who seems to have eyes only for them.

They cast caution and rationality to the winds.

It is of course better to marry a wealthy partner than merely to live in sin together.

Naturally, if your intended has a lawyer who proposes a premarital property settlement you say, “I will have none of it.”

Insist that you don’t want an unromantic property settlement or pre-nuptial agreement to “come between us” before marriage.


A pre-nuptial agreement might hurt your bargaining power for a truly huge settlement when you finally separate or divorce.

On the other hand, if your partner wisely refuses to marry a poor slob
like you, without a formal property settlement, here’s an idea.

Ask that they secure your future (in case they die or get tired of you) with an appropriate irrevocable and immediate transfer of funds or property.

Bottom-line: Stick to wealthy potential spouses as sexual partners.

Zero in especially on wealthy, lonely widowers.

If you are male, use the same techniques and concepts.

They work just as well to get rich at the alter.

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