Get Paid To Make My Move And Work Remotely

Get Paid To Make My Move And Work Remotely
Get Paid To Make My Move And Work Remotely

Cities Across The U.S. And Alaska Are Paying Remote Workers To Relocate!

Don’t think get paid to make my move and work remotely is an epigram; it is in fact an online directory that lists relocation offers for free.

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For example, new movers to Juneau Alaska can receive $1,000 per year awarded by the Alaska Department of Revenue Permanent Fund Dividend Division.

You must live in Alaska to receive $1000 per year.

The Alaska relocation incentive program also includes a free jaw-dropping light show from mid-September to mid-April.

However, the bear to human ratio = 1:21!

There are approximately 35 offers available in the directory including San Juan Puerto Rico $1 and Honolulu $2500.

The offers vary in amount and there are only three steps to make your employment and travel dream come true.

Browse All Offers

Search by location or amenities.

Share your preferences, and Make My Move will match you to relevant offers.

Choose A Destination

Cities are competing for you, and Make My Move have all their relocation incentives in one place.

Select the offers that appeal to you, or design your own.

Claim The Offer

Apply and get approved for your favorite relocation incentive(s).

Make My Move has your back through the application process.

But, you have to do your own packing.

It’s that simple!

Looking For Something Unique?

Cash, free land, loan assistance, perhaps a free mountain bike?

Design your ideal move, and Make My Move will work to help you get paid to make my move and work remotely all while making your dream come true.

Make that move—right now!

P.S. Send me a postcard!

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