My Garden Plan

Garden Plan
My Garden Plan

How I Drew A Garden Plan For The Rural Money Homestead Garden!

To draw a garden plan of your homestead garden, you don’t necessarily need to start with a scale drawing of your property because I didn’t.

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My garden plan outlined certain garden areas in the front yard.

If you want, you can outline your house, driveway and other permanent features in your garden plan.

Firstly, I drew a base plan that include all existing trees, shrubs and other features I wanted to keep.

For a scale drawing, let 1 inch on your drawing equal 10 feet in your yard (1/10 scale).

Locate north with an arrow.

Secondly, I analyzed my garden site.

Since I only used one sheet of notebook paper, I marked good and bad views, hot and shady spots and poor drainage.

Again, if your garden plan is to scale, place a new piece of tracing paper over your base map (using tracing paper).

If necessary, mark everything including privacy.

Now is a good time to take photos of your yard for reference and before and after shots.

Thirdly, I organized my ideas.

Rough out where you envision various activities such as, parking, entertaining, service zones, vegetable garden, and screening for privacy.

These areas should reflect the space needed.

Finally, I finalized my garden plan.

On the same sheet of paper, I added trees, shrubbery, plants and defined lawn areas.

For a scale drawing, lay a new sheet of tracing paper on top of the others, and redraw your base garden plan.

I filled in the garden with “rescued plants” (another post) and ground cover, such as lariope.

The result was multiple outdoor garden areas.

I am building my homestead food forest and ornamental garden with Fast Growing Trees, so visit them for the best fruit trees, etc.!

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