How To Organize And Earn Money With A Garage Thrift Shop

Garage Thrift Shop
How To Organize And Earn Money With A Garage Thrift Shop

Why Not Convert Your Garage Into A Thrift Shop?!

A garage thrift shop is a fancy name for a secondhand, miscellaneous shop, but it is often more successful than a garage sale.

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There are hundreds of things of value that people throw or give away to anybody who will take them.

Yet, most of these things have value.

Such items as old fur coats and other apparel, old China and ornaments, furniture, pictures, etc.

You will be surprised to know many of them may be quite profitable items.

People are relieved to be rid of many things today, for space reasons because nowadays space is at a premium.

How To Acquire Goods And Setup Shop?

You can acquire your inventory by asking for it and/or sometimes paying small sums for it.

Then clean and arrange all these items as attractively as possible and invite customers to come in and browse around your garage thrift shop.

Somehow what one person is willing to part with is quite often worth real money to others.

Be smart and keep the turnover going fairly fast by disposing of slow-selling items by constantly marking down prices until they move.

Many people have a passion for patronizing garage sales so why not convert your cluttered garage into a thrift shop.

Thrift shoppers are always in the hope of picking up a rare bargain, which they often do while you pocket extra cash!

What To Sell Like The Rag Man Of Old?

Rags don’t sound good, but a phenomenal volume of business is done in old clothing.

There is a huge market among the poor.

Reason for a large supply available is the rapid “obsolescence” of fashion and the American habit of not wearing clothes out, buying new clothes, and buying new clothes seasonally.

Therefore, much old clothes would, in most foreign places, be nearly new, and still useful.

You can get a supply of such clothes locally or elsewhere, just by asking for it, or paying people desperate to move a pittance.

How To Sell Good Used Clothes?

Sell at startling low prices such as $20 for woolen overcoats, $10 for woolen suits, $5 for dresses!

I think you get the idea!