Open A Free Ko-fi Shop With This Simple Business Plan

Free Ko-fi Shop
Open A Free Ko-fi Shop With This Simple Business Plan

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Do you want to open a free Ko-fi shop at home successfully from scratch; and do you need a sample Ko-fi shop business plan template?

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Being an entrepreneur can be frustrating sometimes including starting an online business.

This is especially true if you do not know how to go about it.

There are loads of people who have had their fingers burned because they were not able to follow the process of opening an online store.

One of such ventures that may pose a headache is how to sell your crafts, physical and digital products.

If you want to deal in physical products, crafts and eBooks, then it is very important that you find a platform to do it, where it isn’t saturated with sellers.

Selling online is much more practical than a physical store.

This is one of the reasons why the free Ko-fi shop platform was created.

It helps budding entrepreneurs, as well as existing ones solve the problems of where to get loads of people to buy their merchandise.

Free Ko-fi shops was created so that online consumers can see the various things sellers have in their stores.

Then, when one is interested in what you have on display, they can place orders, pay and then have items delivered to them, with just a link.

If you think you want to open a shop on Ko-fi, and do not know how to do it, then you may want to consider the following tips.

Start A Free Ko-fi Shop


Even if you want to open an online store, don’t just sit down and do nothing about it.

It is for this reason that you need to do some research.

This means that you must learn about the Ko-fi shop process.

Although Ko-fi shops is relatively new, you need to find out the types of products that are already being sold on Ko-fi; how to sign up; how consumers get their goods when they place orders; the mode of payment; testimonials from merchants already enlisted; and how it is different from Etsy.

Be Patient

Just like any other venture that may be going through its teething stage, it is vital that you be patient when things aren’t going to plan.

Some sellers get agitated and impatient when there are no sales yet.

This is why you must make up your mind to be patient before you get started.

It might interest you to know that there are sellers who do not get buyers for a few months. 

Decide What To Sell

Since Ko-fi has become an e-commerce site that deals with digital and physical products, it is a good idea to sell your handiworks and creations there.

Just decide what it is you want to sell.

It could be female wear, male wear, accessories, homemade and digital products.

The bottom line is that you have to make sure that what you plan to sell is what people need and want.

Why Ko-fi Shops?

Make money by selling your digital and physical products directly from your page with just a link!

  • Everything in one place – your content, donations, commissions and now Shop!
  • It’s easy! Set up in 60 seconds
  • No listing fees or expiry dates
  • Sell with just a link
  • 0% platform fee for Ko‑fi Gold members, 5% platform fee for Ko‑fi Free

Start Selling In 60 Seconds

They’ve made it super simple to set up your beautiful Ko‑fi Shop and launch your first product in just one minute!

  1. Choose if the product is digital or physical,
  2. Add images or a video,
  3. Upload files directly or redirect buyers to links (digital items)
  4. Limit the number available and set shipping rates (physical items)
  5. Share your link and start selling!

Keep More Of Your Money

Ko-fi Shop is available to everyone with no listing fees!

  • Ko-fi Gold creators pay no platform fees at all and get more products and storage.
  • Ko-fi Free members pay a low 5% platform fee only when you make a sale (this helps Ko-fi run the service).

Launch Your Free Ko-fi Shop

There’s no better time to open your Ko-fi Shop

Ko-fi has set aside $500 to support creators they see sharing your Ko‑fi Shop products on social using #KofiShop.

They will also gift Gold memberships (Gold members pay 0% platform fees) to the best shops they see throughout October.

Price Your Products Right

What is the right pricing, you may ask?

Deciding the right price point means you must to be careful to not overprice your goods.

If you do, potential buyers will punish you by staying away from your shop.

That’s why you must calculate the prices right.

Calculate how much you have spent crating a product; the time spent; as well as other vital things surrounding the creation of the product.

That’s how you arrive at a reasonable price.

If you inflate the price of your products, you risk losing your buyers.

Show Your Best Stuff

Now that you have created at least one great product and priced it right, add this item to your free Ko-fi shop.

Be sure to list your best work with very attractive digital and physical packaging so that potential buyers can be attracted once they see them.

Build A Monthly Income

Choosing a payment method is what helps your Ko-fi shop build a monthly income.

Ko-fi processes payments through PayPal and Stripe.

If you have followed this simple business plan for opening a free Ko-fi shop, then congratulations!

You have launched an online business and have become an independent creator on Ko-fi.

Continue to look for ways to serve your buyers and customers for that is the way to stay successful in business.

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