Is Constant Food Recall Causing Food Shortages And Food Insecurity

Food Recall
Is Constant Food Recall Causing Food Shortages And Food Insecurity

Food Recalls: What Preppers Should Know And Do! #foodrecall #foodrecalls #foodshortages #foodinsecurity #ruralmoney

A food recall is a voluntary action by a manufacturer, etc. to protect the public from products that may cause health problems or death.

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A recall is intended to remove food products from commerce when there is reason to believe the products may be adulterated or misbranded.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is because many food banks rely on food product surplus.

The very items listed are basic staples in most food bank’s stock, such as sauces, sausage, seafood products, crackers, onions, potato chips, noodles, etc.

I assure my audience that I am not trying to frighten you.

In this unprecedented time, we must all take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and families safe.

On a personal note, I receive a lot of “free food” from friends, neighbors and local charities.

Case in point, I recently received an abundance of “onions” from a local farmer’s food giveaway.

Then, I became aware of the the onion recall.

This caused an immediate alarm so I checked for recalls in my State.

Disposing of food is a tremendous waste, but it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

The irony of increasing food recalls from popular brands, such as McCormick, Tyson, etc.

And, some pet foods are being recalled as well.

What Preppers (You) Should Know?

Current food recall list for consumers to take notice:

Sauces recalled, allergy alert

RECALL: Seafood products, allergens

RECALL: Sausage, misbranding and an undeclared allergen

RECALL: Crackers, undeclared ingredients

Noodles recalled, packages do not declare the allergen

Potato chips recalled

Urgent onion recall notification, health warning

Salmonella Outbreak: CDC and FDA investigate

What You Should Do?

First, you should read the public announcements, locate food recall in your State and act accordingly.

Finally, you should learn to grow some or most of your own food; learn how to bake bread, crackers, noodles, etc.; how to make potato chips; how to farm fish (at least)…

Unfortunately, food recalls are becoming the “norm”, but there are ways you can protect yourself and your family, and that is by become more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

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