Food Business: How To Never Be Without A Job Working From Home

Food Business
Food Business: How To Never Be Without A Job Working From Home

Good Ole’ Days In The Food Business Present And Future

The food business is a great way to never be without a job since many Americans’ employment has become a literal dead-end.

It’s reported that 60 million Americans have found themselves without a job and with no idea of what to do.

They’re scanning online ads, but most of those places of employment have been shuttered due to the pandemic.

Many of these unemployed worked in the food business and/or owned their own restaurant.

So they have enough experience to get another job in the food industry.

The only problem is most restaurants are closed and won’t be reopening any time soon.

The Good Ole’ Days In The Food Business Past

Long gone are owners doing everything except begging you to take the job, without asking you about your experience.

With your cooking skills, you took the job even though the pay was small, but you enjoy cooking.

When jobs were plentiful, you saw another ad offering more pay for a full fledged cook, and took that job.

Then, you heard of an opportunity as a head cook, and took that job.

All of this happened to you within one year, and you started with just the ability to fry hamburgers and nothing else.

That scenario is factual.

Was there a shortage of cooks?

I don’t know.

All I know is that it was practically impossible for a restaurant to find or keep a cook.

There were stories about high school kids hired on as dish washers and two weeks later started cooking!

How did they learn to cook?

Make no mistake about it, you didn’t need to know HOW to cook to get a job in the food business.

You bought a frying pan and learned to flip eggs the way the Army teaches.

This ability alone got many a job.

You didn’t have to be a cook–just said you were, but now you’re out of work permanently.

How To Never Be Without A Job In The Food Business With Talent?

Unlike the scenario above when a dishwasher could become a “chef” in one year, you have executive chef cooking talent; you had your own restaurant; or, you’re a hobby baker who’s cooking skills are only second to the finest ingredients you insist upon for your delicacies.

If you have a flair for cooking to the extent that people always commend your culinary skills whenever they taste your meals; and if you find uncommon joy in making meals; then maybe it is time to make money off that skill in the food business.

Granted, there is a lot of capital requirements involved in setting up a restaurant or food truck business.

Moreover, the medical pandemic has caused most restaurants, etc. to close (for good); therefore, holding a lot of master cooks back.

It is for this reason that some chefs and bakers have started considering cooking out of their home kitchens.

First, cooking and selling food from home is convenient especially for chefs who are stay at home moms or need to replace lost income.

By starting a home based cooking business, overhead cost is reduced tremendously because you are not paying for any additional facility, and the bills that come with it.

You only need to make contact with your customers through the phone, social media, or may be through the use of an app.

You cook the meals, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, etc. and collect your pay.

Easy, right?

In 2013, Cottage Food Operations (CFOs) became legal, allowing people to prepare, package and sell non-hazardous foods from a private home kitchen under the Homemade Food Act.

Only specific foods are approved for CFOs in the food business and; they have to be foods that don’t require refrigeration to avoid people from getting sick.

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