Fly Fishing Gear:   How To Reel In Big Money

Fly Fishing Gear
Fly Fishing Gear:   How To Reel In Big Money

Angle For Sales With YouTube Video!

Start a fly fishing gear blog to cast a line to fishing enthusiast with YouTube video for beginner and intermediate fishermen and women.

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What fisherman doesn’t love when fish are biting?

But, they need the right equipment to reel them in.

Beginners need more than a pole and bait; they need some tips and information about the steep learning curve of fly fishing.

Only then, will these new anglers be ready to equip themselves with the basic products—to get started.

Fly fishing gear is a specialty blog that can be targeted to beginners or inbetweeners.

However, as your blog grows and become successful, you can add more products.

Let’s not assume that fly fishing is easy or that it doesn’t require any techniques.

There is a lot involved in learning how to fly fish, choosing the right equipment, where to fish, water safety, etc.

These are just some of the categories to cover in a fly fishing gear blog.

Just keep in mind that the information and tips is primary and offering a few basic affiliate products is secondary.

Give your readers the value they are seeking from your content and they will explore your links.

Build a relationship with them, and overtime, they will start to buy from you.

More importantly, make a direct connection with your target audience (beginner anglers).

I suggest creating a blog that displays video links to YouTube about people learning how to angle.

Then, add a link in the video description to send them to your blog’s optin page with an affiliate offer.

Once you have built up your website with at least 100 blog posts and videos, you can market it to fishing enthusiasts via social media networks.

If you are a professional angler, then you can make your own videos that cover a variety of tips and skills with a focus on fly fishing gear.

When creating your own videos, let viewers know when you will be running them on your blog and YouTube channel.

Most YouTube viewers like to watch their favorite channel creator’s videos on a regular schedule (go figure).

That just helps them know when to tune in—like watching a regularly scheduled TV show.

What Are The Results Of A Fly Fishing Gear Blog?

I can’t promise you that your Amazon product sales will be solid for the first year.

However, if you give readers good content, then your traffic will be solid.

Focus on marketing your fly fishing gear brand blog for the first six months (if it has at least 100 blog posts).

It’s important to promote a few basic fishing products on the homepage as a direct sales option.

This is a win-win because you’re directing viewers to a retail partner that they love (Amazon).

Rural Money recommends that you look for new products that have just come to the surface.

In fact, savvy online stores want to be the first to introduce new products, which drive up sales.

Now, do you see the value of video and social media networks combined for a fly fishing gear blog business, which has only one employee?

Because you’re targeting beginner anglers through social media, display YouTube video to build a grassroots following among new anglers.

Arming new anglers with the right information and tips, and a forum to ask questions is the best way to promote products and capabilities with fly fisher’s needs.

Actually, this approach will go much further toward making sales.

By creating an affiliate blog for fly fishing gear, you will help readers and delight customers.

Remember that just posting product images and text link information is not going to make your readers and customers happy.

Fly fishing enthusiasts need some tips and information about the steep learning curve of fishing, and YouTube video will help them visualize their own experience.

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