Guide On How To Flip Secondhand Appliances Without Being Repairman

Flip Secondhand Appliances
How To Flip Secondhand Appliances Without Being Repairman

Secondhand Appliances Are A Great Way To Make Some Cold Cash In Your Rural Area!

The cost of new household appliances has skyrocketed so learning how to flip secondhand appliances for easy profit is a good business.

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Appliance manufacturing quality is on the decline, according to sources ranging from HuffPost to Consumer Affairs.

On the other hand, I get an industry pub called TWICE, which offers a contrasting view of consumer electronics and appliances news, if you care to check it out.

A $150 used washing machine might actually deliver more bang for the buck than a new one priced at $450 to $2,500.

Rural people who need or want to save money are always in plentiful supply.

And, why pay $500 to $3,000 for a new oven when you can get a comparable level of quality and performance from a $150 to $200 used unit?

Along with cost-conscious homesteaders, the market for used appliances includes college students and apartment management companies that need to keep all their units stocked with functioning fridges and ovens.

Also, don’t forget group homes that have an ongoing need for used appliances.

Which means there are lots of options for selling these and other appliances your friends and family no longer want or need.

There are usually plenty of local businesses that will buy your used appliances, which they’ll then repair or refurbish and sell for their own rural money profit.

A simple Google search will help you find businesses like this in your rural area.

Just Google “who buys used appliances near me?”

Look for results like ‘washer and dryer pickup for cash,’ ‘refrigerator pickup for cash,’ etc.

Keep in mind that the first three results on Google, or any other search engine, are always sponsored.

The fact that these businesses are listed first doesn’t mean they’re the best.

It just means they paid to be first.

To refine your search, you can consult Yelp and similar sites that provide customer reviews.

The print editions of the Yellow Pages include ratings by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which can be a great indicator of store excellence and value.

Appliances Don’t Work No Problem…

If your appliances aren’t in full working order, it still might be of value to repair shops in your rural area that are looking for parts.

Call local repair shops, as well as appliance technicians, to see if there is an interest.

You will probably have to bring in the parts for an appraisal.

Amazon Marketplace is perfect for selling used small appliances like blenders, microwave ovens, kitchen gear and even household small electronics like humidifiers, space heaters and vacuum cleaners.

If you have an Amazon account, you can sell your unwanted electronics and consumer goods, and the site even helps you set pricing for your items and note their condition in your listing.

Amazon Marketplace can tie your item directly to the same product in an Amazon product listing.

When someone is researching specific models of an appliance, they’ll usually wind up at Amazon, and they’ll see your listing.

That’s a huge benefit.

Amazon takes a big cut for their services, so be warned.

Also, check out Shopify, where you can create an online store to resell used appliances for rural money profit.

Used appliances can also be sold on Craigslist, eBay and similar e-commerce marketplace platforms.

Condition Helps Flip Secondhand Appliances For Easy Rural Money Profit

When listing used appliances for resale, it’s important to be honest about the condition of the items.

If there are scratches or dents, let people know.

Be straightforward about how old the appliance is and how much use it has had.

Be sure to include dimensions such as height, width and depth.

Rural people need to know if the object will fit in their space.

A few well-chosen technical specifications (load capacity, BTU”s, etc.) c an

Consumers like knowing the history of an appliance before they go to look at it.

Good, clear photos will help clinch the sale.

After you’ve done your research and set a  reasonable, competitive price for your appliance, think about how willing you are to deviate from it.

Establish in your mind the lowest possible amount that you would accept.

Factor in how much of your own time you can spend each week fielding calls and emails and showing the appliance to prospective buyers.

These things can overload your schedule and cause stress.

Test appliances for a certain length of time say 90 days and offer a 90-day refund ONLY.

Speaking Of Stress

Consider the buyer.

Rural people are naturally wary of laying down their hard-earned cash on used appliances because they are afraid that you’re selling because of poor performance.

It’s important to mention the real reasons you are selling the item.

  • Stainless steel is popular so white is less in demand, but no less a good appliance.
  • Smaller refrigerators are less popular, but they’re great as extra storage in storage rooms, garages and on porches.

Be prepared to SELL in order to resale used appliances for rural money profit.

In addition, potential buyers are more likely to buy from a seller who gets back to them very quickly, while they are thinking about buying in the moment.

It is important that you list the contact information that will allow you to receive buyer notifications quickly and get back to them soon.

As an example, don’t use your email address if you rarely check it.

If a potential buyer doesn’t hear back from you soon, he or she may just move on to another seller.

When selling locally, especially with big-ticket and large items, listing your location is important.

Never include your address in a listing, of course, but you can indicate the general area or part of town where the appliance can be viewed.

Many people don’t want to drive far to get large items, so charge a reasonable delivery fee ($35).

Others will drive far just to get a deal.

Be clear about where your location is so people know right away whether or not they want to make the drive to buy your item.

There are buyers looking for used appliances who have no way to come and pick them up.

As a reseller, it’s important to be clear about whether or not you will deliver, and if so what your charge for delivery is.

Another place to sell used appliances is in a nearby college town, where they are hot commodities for students living in off-campus facilities.

Hang ads in the college’s student union, dining areas or other student hangouts.

And, it would certainly be savvy to advertise your used washer and dryer for sale at the local laundromat, where folks without these appliances are sure to be.

Garage sales are also a good option.

As a last resort, many metropolitan areas have scrap metal recycling businesses that willingly pay for old appliances, which can result in a fast way to make rural money.

Scrap recyclers generally pay by the pound.

Prices for recyclers can vary widely, so it’s a good idea to call a few before choosing one to sell to.

Selling to a scrap metal recycler might take a little work.

Some recyclers only take the metal parts of the appliance, which means you’ll have to remove any non-metal parts.

If you will use these tips to advertise free pickup of used appliances (to make room for new ones), then you will soon have enough inventory to flip secondhand appliances for easy rural money profit.

Rural Money Re$ource:  Craigslist is the easiest way to make $5000-$10000 a month flipping secondhand appliances!

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