Fiverr Arbitraging Strategy: How To Make Big Money Reselling

Fiverr Arbitraging Strategy

Fiverr Arbitraging Strategy: How To Make Big Money Reselling

Fiverr Arbitraging Strategy Is Profit

The Fiverr arbitraging strategy means you can buy a gig for $5 on, and sell it back for $150+ or on your own website.

As a result, when you use this strategy, you profit by simply being the middleman.

In fact, many Internet marketers are using this legitimate business trick with great results.



How To Offer Services To Local Rural Businesses

The Fiverr arbitraging strategy is a simple money making strategy—that almost anyone can do.

For example, you can buy a $5 logo gig from a graphics artist in India, China, Africa… and sell it to your local rural businesses for $150!

For a mere $15 you can go on Fiverr and purchase the following three gigs:

  • I will create your Fan page for $5
  • … invite 10,000-plus+ of my Facebook friends to like your Fan page for $5
  • … get you 1,000+ ‘likes’ for your page for $5

Then, you can easily charge $100 for this package alone on other sites as well where your target market hangs out.

As a consequence, the Fiverr arbitraging strategy will make you a quick profit—hands free.

Just think about the small and large businesses, in your rural area, that don’t know anything about Fiverr!

Moreover, the Fiverr arbitraging strategy is a groundbreaking opportunity.

Therefore, if you are seriously looking for an EASY way to make money in your rural area, this is it!

And, here is the easy, simple, step-by-step process to do it:

  1. Find local businesses that require services such as logo, website design, web development, blog post writing, etc.
  2. Find gigs to meet that demand.
  3. Check the gig to make sure it meets your customer’s specifications before it’s completed; and deliver it to your customer!

Another example, if you offer a service such as, “We Will Design Your Company Logo,” then you can charge the customer $150 for the logo.

Again, purchase a gig for $5, and that’s $145 profit for not even doing the work.

You can do four logos a week easily and it costs you only $20!

So, how much profit would you clear in a week?

How would you like to double or triple that income?

Well, offer a three-page web design that you can buy as a gig.

They will create a three-page WordPress site for just $5.

Afterward, you can offer this completed gig as ‘web design and setup’ for $500.

There is no need to be greedy!

When you start making this kind of money, you will no longer be needy!

Remember, you are making .999 percent profit from one customer!

And, you’re not even doing the work!

Just think how much money you can make with the Fiverr arbitraging strategy in 2018 by servicing ten customers a week.

Heck, you can probably flip a DOWIB affiliate website the same way.

To kick your income up another notch, your customers may also need:

  • Website maintenance on a monthly basis
  • Google Leads, Bing/Facebook Ad promotions
  • Social media strategy to promote their local business

If so, how would you address these needs if you don’t provide the services?

However, a better scenario is to solve your customers problems, so they won’t find someone else on Fiverr who can.

The Fact is, smart Fiverr entrepreneurs are prepared to provide outsourcing services.

As a result, you will make more ‘real passive income’.

80/20 Rule For Fiverr Arbitraging Strategy Works

Remember the 80/20 rule.

If you do 20 percent of the work, then with only four customers a week at the $150 price point, you’re gaining 80 percent more profit and income per month!

Fiverr Arbitraging Strategy Is A Traffic Beast

Without a doubt, Fiverr is now one of the major sources of free Internet traffic.

It’s right up there with eBay and Amazon…

The fact is, is no sleeping giant, but many small and large businesses are not aware of it’s online presence.

Nevertheless, that is what makes it a fantastic treasure chest of ‘traffic’ and ‘income’ for rural money entrepreneurs.

Case in point, brick and mortar businesses have to PAY FOR TRAFFIC—every single person who walk in the door.

That means that their business must be located in proximity with a lot of mobile and foot traffic.

By using the Fiverr arbitraging strategy, you don’t have to worry about traffic!

More than that, after you implement this strategy and give it time, you will never have to worry about being broke.

Finally, just keep looking for needful services to offer rural businesses and homebased entrepreneurs.

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