How To Find Sterling Silver Jewelry At Thrift Stores

Find Sterling Silver Jewelry At Thrift Stores
How To Find Sterling Silver Jewelry At Thrift Stores

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How To find sterling silver jewelry at thrift stores is a common strategy of homesteaders to get the most we possibly can from our money.

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Here is how I purchased a fine Tiffany & Co. sterling silver necklace for $3 and the matching bracelet for $2 at the same thrift store.

As a set, both pieces value at approximately $1200 retail.

That particular thrift store was very casual in selling everything.

Although, I was informed that they were trying to sell ‘valuable’ items online.

On the day I scored my Tiffany treasure, I entered the thrift store and headed straight for the small jewelry table.

The necklace caught my eye immediately even though it was tangled.

Upon closer inspection, I saw the Tiffany & Co mark.

None of the jewelry was priced so I inquired about the necklace and was informed it was $3!

I could hardly hide my excitement!

About a week later, I revisited the same thrift store and headed for the jewelry table.

Low and behold, there was the matching Tiffany & Co bracelet waiting for me!

It’s important to note that you must frequent your favorite thrift store often if you want to score treasure.

Once you’re known for being a frequent buyer of a lot of stuff, you’re more likely to get better deals!

For example, the proprietress, of another thrift store I frequent, pulled out a box from below the counter filled with estate jewelry; and I purchased the lot!

I am not alone in thrift store treasure hunting; but the early bird get’s the worm!

Finding sterling silver jewelry at thrift stores is a common strategy of many homesteaders to buy something desirable while cutting cost.

The key point of this article is:  By looking for valuable items, you teach yourself to develop an “eye” for the best quality when shopping at thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, barn sales, and farm auctions, when you need or want something.

Happy thrift shopping and treasure hunting!


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