Find Rural Customers: How To Use 4 Simple Free Ways  

Find Rural Customers
Find Rural Customers: How To Use 4 Simple Free Ways  

Rural Customers Are Looking For Businesses Like Yours!

For new and seasoned business owners, learning to find rural customers is job one; and here’s how to show what you have to offer online.

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What most rural businesses call getting new customers, is more like buying new customers.

Buying new customers mean the price you’re paying to bring in more shoppers, etc. with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and the time it takes.

There are 4 simple free ways to put both your money and time resources to use to get more new customers.

These techniques are especially important for new business owners who tend to have a limited advertising budget.

And, you generally won’t see a profit from a new customer until the fifth or sixth purchase.

Unfortunately, that is the reality of a brick and mortar’s profit and loss statement.

Also, without a steady flow of customers for repeat purchases, you must be careful where you spend limited resources.

Here are four simple ways to get “free” new customers.

Social Media Advertising To Find Rural Customers

The key to getting more customers without exchanging money is to promote successfully on social media networks and Google Local Listing.

As a result, you will generate more visitors, clicks and leads to your business.

To do so, offer a blog post message that “hits” your target customers, and showcase the “value” you can offer them.

Right now, people are looking for rural businesses just like yours on Google Search, social media…

Make sure your business shows up the moment potential customers search for what you have to offer.

Whether they’re at home or out on the go.

Learn how getting your rural business on Google Local Listing can help.

Get On Google Maps To Find Rural Referrals

Landing referrals isn’t just a cheap way to pick up some initial business.

It is also a way to pick up customers with the highest retention rates.

What’s more, Google Maps referral customers tend to purchase more over time.

And, in turn become a source of additional referrals by posting short, concise reviews—that get noticed!

How do you find Google Maps referrals?

Read and leave comments on Google Maps reviews.

Ask those customers who rated your business five stars (satisfied customers) to give you referrals.

Also, be sure to find ways to continually thank your sources for their ongoing advocacy of your business.

Let them know that their referrals will be rewarded!

Learn how getting your rural business on Google Local Listing can help.

Team Up With The Competition To Find Rural Customers

Another way to leverage available advertising resources is through a host beneficiary (marketing) relationship.

“The marketing term is called a “host/beneficiary relationship”, popularized by marketing guru, Jay Abraham. A host beneficiary relationship is where Company A (the host) agrees to let Company B (the beneficiary) deliver a sales message to people who are Company A’s customers or clients.”

Basically, you are making an arrangement with another business targeting the same customers.

Strategic Alliances To Find Rural Customers

While a host beneficiary relationship is generally a one-time or short-term commitment, strategic alliances can sometimes last for many years.

For example, a coffee shop and a bakery might send each other referrals for rural customers who want additional services.

As long as there is continued value to the shared audience, strategic alliances produce streams of referral business.

Ultimately, it is what will benefit your business over time.

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