Find Luxury Housesitting | Rural Property Care Taking Jobs

Find Luxury Housesitting

Find Luxury Housesitting | Rural Property Care Taking Jobs

Find Luxury Housesitting Jobs To Earn Extra Money

Join the trend to find luxury housesitting jobs for wealthy home and pet owners looking for someone to do house sitting and rural property care.

Cash-strapped homesteaders looking for ways to earn extra money should embrace care taking/house sitting in the senior (longevity) economy.

Big Market To Find Luxury Housesitting Jobs

The 106 million Americans over age 50 account for $7.1 trillion in annual economic activity.

This is a figure that is expected to balloon to more than $13.5 trillion by 2032, according to Oxford Economics.

Did that pique your interest to find luxury housesitting jobs?

Well, try asking someone who owns multiple luxury homes, farmhouses, etc.

They may be interested in allowing you to housesit or caretake for them.

Senior homeowners and property owners moving into assisted-living homes often still want to retain their property for future sale.

Therefore, they may be willing to pay for its maintenance of a “lived in look.”

Also, when wealthy home and pet owners go on vacation, extended stays or work projects, they’re looking for someone responsible, clean, and trustworthy to live in their home, ‘watch’ their property, help with dog(s) and cat(s), water plants, cut grass…

Their pets are considered family, and are easy to care for once they get to know you!

Instead of leaving a house vacant, many homeowners prefer to hire a caretaker/house sitter to watch and care for their home, when they are away for an extended period of time.

Homes that are vacant are more prone to theft, and some insurance companies may not insure a home left vacant for over 30 days.

What Are Your Chances Of Finding A Luxury Housesitting Job? 

You stand a 80 percent chance with an online photo, and at least one reference (either character, employment, landlord or previous house sit).

A police background check and video would also increase your chance.

I recommend that you read the house sitting job description sample to learn how to write a cover letter and resume.

Express your love for pets, your caring nature… and you’re more likely to find a luxury house sitting job.

I’ve even heard stories of people who are paid to caretake/housesit gorgeous waterfront and rural property, while the owners are serving decade-long prison sentences for tax evasion.

Sound appealing?

Take a look at house sitting resources below for specific opportunities.

The more you’re willing to look, the more rare luxury caretaker/house sitting jobs you’ll find.

Even if a situation isn’t ideal for your purposes, keep in mind that every opportunity you take opens up more options in the future.

Rural Money Resources:

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  • The Caretaker Gazette is a subscription-based publication that lists caretaking jobs and updates constantly. www.caretaker.org
  • Working Couples specifically caters to couples and teams looking for a variety of jobs, including caretaking. www.workingcouples.com
  • Caretaker-Jobs has a huge listing you can search for free. Applying for jobs requires membership. ($30 annual): www.caretaker-jobs.com

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