How To Get Financially Self Sufficient And Stay Forever

Get Financially Self Sufficient
How To Get Financially Self Sufficient And Stay Forever

Sow Self-Sufficiency Seeds For Your Financial Security!

There are two important factors to get financially self sufficient and prosperous for your ongoing financial abundance.

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The first is learning how to get financially self-sufficient, and the other is learning how to stay that way forever.

Financially self-sufficiency means you are in the state of not requiring any aid, support, or interaction for survival; it is a type of personal or collective autonomy.

It also means you’re earning money, and you’re paying the bills to make ends meet.

Many people who get self-sufficient stay that way for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, people who are only interested in “getting rich quick,” i.e. lottery winners, are bankrupt within a couple of years.

After winning millions and millions of dollars, these people are back to the starting point, or sometimes even worse off.

Now, let’s compare that with someone like Donald Trump.

We all know that he is a very wealthy billionaire, but he was at times completely broke.

However, even when he was in the red, it was only a matter of time before he once again regained his wealth.

This shows that getting rich is only half the equation, and keeping it is the other.

5 Milestones To Help You Get Financially Self Sufficient

There are several milestones to mark significant changes and or stages in your self-sufficiency progress such as:

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Scrimping On Food To Be Able To Afford The Rent

It’s a big deal to be able to pay your bills and buy food without having to scrimp.

The above image is funny, but when my mom sliced cake 🎂 that thin, it wasn’t funny!

However, just because you’re able to pay your bills doesn’t mean you’re independent of assistance from family or credit cards.

Becoming financially self-sufficient requires reaching the milestones above and creating several sources of passive and non-passive income.

Whether your income sources are stable or not is another matter, which is why you need several income streams.

And, before you can invest in purchasing a house, nice car or investing in retirement, you must start building savings and stay out of significant debt.

For those who think they are too poor to save, you can start with a Christmas Saving account; and yes, they do still exist!

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Understanding how to create a sound financial footing will help you create the life and future you want.

Depending on how you go about getting financially self-sustainable, you cannot only get there, but it will be a normal part of your life, and you will always have enough to meet your needs, and share.

The reason that both of these examples happen whether getting self-sufficient or rich is mostly a mental game.

It is attitudes, beliefs, and dominant thoughts about your financial abilities that determine your financial future. If you have a poverty consciousness, then you tend to stress and worry about money.

Money is a subject that brings up negative emotions such as inability to get self-sufficient, as well as about other prosperous people.

Now, someone like Donald Trump (love him or hate him) has a wealth consciousness.

He feels good about money, he does not stress his finances, yet has confidence in his ability to get prosperity.

This is the type of attitude that cannot only attract prosperity with financial abundance, but it will keep them around for a lifetime.

As both examples showed, getting financially self-sufficient is only half the equation.

Keeping it is the other or learning how to hang on to money no matter how it is earned.