Fancy Hands Jobs: Work That Won’t Get Your Hands Dirty

Fancy Hands Jobs
Fancy Hands Jobs: Work That Won’t Get Your Hands Dirty

Work From Home With Fancy Hands Jobs!

Fancy hands jobs offers virtual assistance to everyone; but to do this they need a team of GREAT assistants in the United States.

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They’re currently hiring people to work as assistants for thousands of very discerning users of this site.

If you have a fast internet connection and the ability to use common websites and software, this could be a lot of fun.

They’re looking for smart people who want to help others, and help build a great company.

Are you good on the phone and great at internet research?

This could be the perfect position for you.

Apply for an Assistant Position

Here’s What People Have Used Fancy Hands For:

Call Allen Car Service and have them pick me up at home tomorrow at 7am in an SUV and take me to Laguardia. We’ll need a car seat for an infant. There will be 3 of us, and 4 bags.

Can you call around and find a place close to zip 10009 that has the new iPad in stock? I need one by this weekend!

Can you call the post office and find my package? Here’s the tracking number. When I look it up online, it says there’s a delivery problem. Please see if you can have it located and re-delivered.

Find me a a few different dog walker options in SE Portland. I’m looking to have my two dachshunds walked 3 times a week. What are their prices and schedule flexibilities?

Can you email my friend Amanda and tell her that we can go on that tour any Saturday at 3pm, and ask her what Saturday works best for her? Then book the tour for the two of us and add it to my calendar.

I need to find five boxes of Andrea #45 hair color. They sell them at Ricky’s. Can you find a close one to my house that has them in stock and see if they’ll hold them for me to pick up tomorrow?

Can you call Time Warner cable and cancel Showtime for me? Here’s my account number, but if you need to patch me in to verify my security details, please call me at home.

I’m looking for Mirror Pond Beer, but they don’t sell it here in NYC. Can you find a place that will ship it, and have a case sent to my office?

About Fancy Hands Jobs

They hire virtual assistants based in the USA.

Where are their assistants located?

All over the country.

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