Facebook Marketplace: 6 Top Rural Money Items To Sell

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace: 6 Top Rural Money Items To Sell

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Whether you want to sell vintage treasures or garage sale junk, these are some of the items to sell on Facebook Marketplace to make big money.

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Best-Selling Rural Money Items On Facebook Marketplace

Used Appliances

Convenient household appliances have great resale value.

The price of new home appliances have skyrocketed over the last year, so selling them on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to make money fast.

A $250 washing machine might actually be a better deal than one priced at $600.

More good news about this top rural money item to sell on Facebook Marketplace is there are plenty of people who need or want to save money.

Their rationale is why pay $600 for a new washing machine when you can get one of similar quality and performance for $250?

Along with cost-conscious homeowners, the market for used appliances includes college students and apartment management companies that need to keep all their units stocked with functioning refrigerators and stoves.

Which means there are lots of options for selling these items on Facebook Marketplace that people no longer want or need.

Vintage Jewelry

Many people have jewelry 💍 tarnishing in the jewelry box that you never wear.

However, if you want to sell your vintage jewelry, don’t polish it because collectors like patina.

It is interesting to note that vintage is more valuable than new.

Some of these pieces can be liquidated for quick cash on Facebook Marketplace.

Home Furnishings

There is a second home for old sofas, chairs, beds, etc. when you sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

Garage sales are not the only option for “uncollectible” home furnishings and accessories.

When you list and sell your items, you have will dollar 💲 digits on your cash app or in your bank account.

Don’t worry about stains, dents, scratches and blemishes because shabby chic will always be in style.

Clothing, Shoes And Accessories

Does your closet contain any garments that no longer fit?

Anything that’s gone out of style or no longer suits your current look?

Women’s and men’s gently used clothing can be converted into cash by selling it on Facebook Marketplace.

A lot of people are doing it.

And, resale clothing is a $4 billion industry in the U.S.


It’s likely that you have some type of collectibles stashed away in the garage, basement, attic or an off-site storage facility.

Collectible fans are everywhere and will buy multiple items that represent what they like to collect.

I passed up an autographed post card by Louis Armstrong for $20!

Gave a painting by Muhammad Ali away because it smelled moldy!

Don’t make the same mistakes.

If you have a Tiger Woods autographed photo, you can get somewhere in the range of $675 to $1,500 on the market right now.

So, turn your passion of collecting memorabilia into a cash dividend.

Classic And Vintage Cars

Yes, classic and vintage cars are actually being sold on Facebook Marketplace.


Because it’s one of the best places to get the best deal for your classic and vintage cars.

The Facebook Marketplace for any type of pre-owned vehicle is huge.

So, the odds are good that you can sell even “junk cars” and spare parts to fetch a good price.

Set your price, write your description and sit back and wait for the cha-ching!

Now that you know the 6 top Rural Money items to sell on Facebook Marketplace, what are you waiting for?

What’s in your attic?

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