How To Sell Exotic Meat Alternatives Online

Exotic Meat Alternatives Online
How To Sell Exotic Meat Alternatives Online

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I am beginning to see an increase in demand for exotic meat and the need for how to sell exotic meat alternatives online.

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In the past, butchers, hunters, meat packers, etc. were mostly packaging exotic meat for family and friends and a few local grocers.

The sold the rest of the carcass to high end chefs.

Today, the demand for exotic meat is worldwide and a search engine friendly store can be set up with fulfillment providers.

I highly recommend Shopify.

This is a great opportunity for exotic meat purveyors in the United States and internationally.

How To Sell Exotic Meat Alternatives Online For Profit?

The first things to consider before embarking on this meaty venture are:

  • How will I earn my first sales?
  • Which platforms will generate the most traffic and sales?

Exotic meat is definitely a niche market, and its different products are something most people in the United States are unfamiliar with, or at least have questions about.

When you create a Shopify store in the food and beverage category, you can start getting traffic and sales with Google AdWords.

When the sales and profit start adding up, you should expense a significant amount towards organic SEO and Google AdWords.

You can do split-testing with Facebook and Instagram ads, too.

However, from my marketing experience, you can double your traffic and sales through content marketing with a blog.

In addition, create and post recipes with high-quality images and promote them on your blog and on social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

The more you write blog posts about your products and promote, the higher you will rank for your keywords.

Eventually, your traffic and sales will increase exponentially if you focus on recipes and content marketing.

Focus your content strategy on questions people have about your product such as:

  • How do I cook it?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Why is it so expensive?

When you answer these questions in a positive manner, your Shopify store will show up on the first page for keywords that your competition is struggling to reach.

More importantly, you will build trust in your customers and potential customers.

What Does The Exotic Meat Alternatives Business Entail?

Since your entire business is run on Shopify with a WordPress blog, it is already set up to make money, without spending money on brick and mortar overhead.

The Shopify platform is very flexible.

Also, you can easily generate a large database of recipes and images for your customers and potential customers.

Shopify offers various apps to help you run your store especially the reporting ones like RetentionGrid.

Fulfillment will probably be your biggest challenge and cost because of shipping frozen and perishable products.

In that case, a third party fulfillment center or drop shipper can help you keep your costs lower and reach most of the country within 2-3 days via ground shipping.

Rural Money Tip: Styrofoam coolers, dry ice and added weight of these items, and reaching your customers within 3 days can add up to considerable costs.

Recommendations For A New Exotic Meat Seller

Whether you are a new or experienced exotic meat specialist, or you live in the United States or abroad, use Shopify.

It behooves you to take advantage of the great apps available on their platform.

There are so many free ones that can help benefit your store.

The Shopify blog is an awesome resource with lots of good ideas and insight as well.

Their blog also have excellent business and store advice.

Pricing And Marketing Your Exotic Meat Alternatives

First you need to know the full costs of getting your product to the consumer, and that may entail all or some of the following costs:

  • Feed
  • Processing
  • Transportation
  • Facilities
  • Labor
  • Other farm maintenance, etc.

Some costs may be higher than others such as feed opposed to pasture grazing, which is cheaper.

Another point to consider is catching, hunting or buying tame and wild animals for meat.

When you do your business plan, use your total expenses to figure out how much it costs to raise and sell each animal, whether you raise them or have a third-party supplier.

You will have to charge more than that to make a profit, but if you don’t you’re subject to lose money rather than make a profit.

Do a price comparison with your competition even if you are competing with beef and pork sellers.

Because you are selling a premium exotic meat 🥩 of high quality, you can mark it up to what high-end beef is going for.

If you are competing with other similar exotic meat alternative purveyors, you will have to compete and make a profit.

Since you are selling a high-quality product, stand by your higher prices.

As far as marketing goes, follow the advice above about answering questions, writing blog posts and recipes, and promoting ads on social media platforms.

Sell The Meat, But Don’t Throw Out The Bones

Some exotic meat producers may have the luxury to only use certain parts of an animal while others don’t and have to sell it from snout to tail.

On many wild meat websites, I have seen sweetbreads (heart, liver, gizzards, etc.), tongue, tail, neck, feet, head, brains, and bones for sale.

In this business, the customer makes the final decision in determining the variety of cuts, sweetbread meats and organs you can sell to make money.

Ideally, you can make money on the whole animal including the fur if you process the animal yourself.

Freezing allows you to store the meat longer until you can sell the whole carcass and byproducts in a timely manner.

Since I love to purchase fresh meat from local butchers online, I notice their meat is separated into sections, such as ribs, chops, roasts, steaks, chunks or stew meat, and ground meat.

Sweetbread meats and stock bones are sold separately, too.

By researching exotic meat sellers’ websites, you can make sure your prices on the premium cuts are within their price ranges so you can make a good profit on the whole animal.

Finally, since the market is experiencing a surge in meat prices, premium exotic meats and fowl will only bring you a higher profit and sell faster online.

Since the demand for exotic meat alternatives are on the rise, there is absolutely no need to consider pricing or marketing your meat for less.

So, as many online exotic meat alternative sellers are doing, grind some of it up, mix it up with another wild meat and grind it up, and sell it for burgers!

Remember to create posts with photos and a recipe because seeing is believing, which will help you win those coveted first and repeat exotic meat alternative customers.

For inspiration, check out these exotic meat alternative websites:

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