Estate Inventory Listing: Earn Money Listing Estate Furniture

Estate Inventory Listing
Estate Inventory Listing: Earn Money Listing Estate Furniture

Another Thought-Generator Is Listing Furniture As A Homebased Business

Estate inventory listing is a task that takes only two hours to do; but it’s a task that most homeowners have put off doing for years.

This is the listing of all furniture, curtains, rugs, and so on, which homes contain.

This list would be invaluable in time of fire.

Many insurance companies gladly supply the booklets with items to be listed.

I have had such a booklet for years, but have never completed it.

Such items as jewelry and personal garments could be filled in later by the owner himself.

Make A List Of Client’s Personal Property

This list includes any or all of the following:

  • Furniture
  • Art
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Electronics (TV, sound systems, computers, printer, camera, cell phones, etc.)
  • Jewelry
  • Sports equipment
  • Bicycle or motorcycle
  • Household appliances
  • Power tools
  • Anything else they have that could be sold or that has financial value.

Then, assign an accurate current dollar figure to each item.

I think if this job interest you, contact your local insurance agent to obtain his good will, and a list of the clients insuring with him.

Contacting them by email or mail would be more professional and bring in business.

Everyone should have the contents of their house or apartment listed.

If they have accumulated a lot of stuff, it may take you a while to list and assess everything.

But the more thorough and inclusive you are in making the list and in assigning monetary values to each item on the list, the more your client will get out of this service.

The point is to assign an accurate and realistic cash value to each item on your list.

The value you want to use is not the amount the client paid for the items; it is what the items could easily be sold for today!

If you do this, you should have some knowledge of the value of antiques (if you are a qualified appraiser) and modern furniture.

Although, much of the insurance money paid out, in case of fire, is based upon the original cost of the items.

The owner will provide the cost of each item; and you can fill it in after you have completed the description of the contents of their home.

Insurance company booklets such as the Home Inventory Record Book contain a space for this information.

I am not too certain of the value of this idea because insurance companies do inventory, and I believe at no extra charge, for large estates insuring with them.

However, they do not make a check list of the average house furnishings insured for from one to five thousand dollars.

Whether or not you could sell your local insurance companies on offering this service I do not know.

Also, if you like making inventories, contact all Real Estate offices and tell them you will list, for a price, all the household furnishings of any house they rent or lease furnished.

This is a great added service for estate sellers!

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