Earn Some Money By Renting Motor Homes

Earn Some Money By Renting Motor Homes
Earn Some Money By Renting Motor Homes

If You Rent A Motor Home For $500 Per Week, You Would Receive A Commission For Your Efforts! #rentingmotorhomes #earnmoney #ruralmoney #rural #money #ruralareas

Since people are in love with those big, shiny motor homes, earn some money by renting motor homes for big monthly rental payments.

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You can help owners earn some money by renting their coach when they don’t need it and help families save money on rental costs.

You would be a middle man or agent.

You do not buy or lease any high-priced motor homes.

All those you rent by the month during the year, belong to somebody who has signed an agreement with you allowing you to rent their motor home.

You will receive a commission on each home rented.

If you rent a motor home for $500 per week, you would receive a commission for your efforts.

One hundred dollars per week, or 20% seems a fair return.

Your expenses will be a telephone and ads in local papers:

Don’t pay apartment or house rental bills. Save money. Rent a motor home. CALL xxx-xxxx.

You collect the rent in advance and have the customer sign a rental form.

He will also have to pay for insurance and fuel.

Have the owner keep the motor home on his property until it is rented then drive it to your customer.

It would help to have a notebook with instant color photos of all the motor homes you have listed for rent.

To start, contact your State Department Of Motor Vehicles.

Thirty States will rent you the names and addresses of motor home, or travel trailer owners for so much per thousand names.

Pick those in the area near you.

Write a form letter to each motor home owner.

Explain that he could make $400 per week during the summer and maybe rent it for ski trips in the winter as well.

He could earn thousands of dollars a year to offset his payments.

Send them a simple agreement form appointing you their exclusive agent.

Have them state when they will be using the vehicle themselves and what weeks it will be available for rent.

Have them list the features of the vehicle, number of beds, miles per gallon, etc.

Ask them to take photographs of the outside and the inside, particularly the sleeping and cooking areas.

They should also be available to give a short lesson to your customer on how to drive and operate the motor home.

After you have a couple of dozen motor homes rented during an economic downturn, you may be able to loaf the rest of the year.

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