How To Earn Money Solving Problems Online: People Want Solutions

Earn Money Solving Problems Online
How To Earn Money Solving Problems Online: People Want Solutions

Niche Websites Earn Money While Solving Problems!

It is a fact of life that people have problems and they want solutions; so do you have a niche that will earn money solving problems online?

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What kind of problems do the people in your rural area have?

Why should people give you their money?

I can tell you this:   It is not because you have something to sell because that doesn’t make a difference.

People have stuff to sell all day long; so you can forget about that.

Just because you have something to sell, even if it is a great product or service, it doesn’t mean people want to buy it.

If you do have something to sell and your family and friends are buying it, it doesn’t mean you can become wealthy selling it.

More than likely the only reason they are buying it is because they are your friends or because they love you.

But, let’s get real.

People don’t buy things just because somebody has something to sell.

People buy things to solve some sort of a problem they have, whether it is a serious problem or a fun problem.

It could be one of entertainment, finances or something else.

However, the bottom line is this: You need to be able to satisfy a problem in the marketplace.

Customers must be willing to buy from you because you helped solve an immediate and pressing problem.

Ask yourself, what solution can I offer to people who have a specific desire, craving or yearning.

Whatever solution you offer, people have to crave it.

People have to have an appetite for it.

Let’s get really specific.

You Need A Hungry Crowd To Earn Money Solving Problems

You not only need a hungry crowd, but one that has an appetite and craving for what you specifically offer.

It’s that simple!

You must have a hungry crowd of people that is starving, and I mean that literally.

They want something to eat!

You’re thinking that you’re going to make a killing selling the best BBQ that is so tender it melts in your mouth, but there is one problem.

You find out that these people you are trying to sell BBQ to are die-hard vegetarians with carrot juice pumping through their veins!

You have a big problem!

You have a hungry crowd, but they don’t eat meat!

Now, if you had a truckload of celery sticks, lettuce and tofu, you could feed this starving crowd and that’s what you want.

Another thing, you were not specific enough.

You have meat and they want vegetables.

So, the lesson here is you need to solve very specific problems for very specific people.

That’s it!

If you live in a rural area and want to start an online business, you need to know and identify the specific problems in your marketplace to earn money solving problems.

You must be very specific by looking at the problem and give customers the solution with an affiliate website that earn money while you sleep.

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