3 Easy Ways To Earn Money From Home

Earn Money From Home
3 Easy Ways To Earn Money From Home

Earning Extra Money From Home 🏡 Means More Than Making Ends Meet!

To earn money from home has become a major concern opposed to making some extra cash from a temporary gig; it’s all about earning a living.

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Earning extra money from home can do more than make ends meet.

It can give you more financial freedom and latitude in your budget to complete some much needed projects and put a little money aside in a Christmas saving account, for a rainy day.

I am not talking about a second job; I am talking about starting a homestead as a business to earn a full-time living.

Gone are the days of “side jobs”, “part-time jobs”, “side gigs”, “moonlight job”, and “temporary job”, which many people relied on for wiggle room in their budget.

Fast forward to 2021, seniors, millennials and middle class workers are vying for the same gigs to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Everyone can’t start a business, but many can produce and sell products and eventually start a kitchen table enterprise.

Overtime, it could become a growing concern that meet the needs of hundreds of people.

That’s where these 3 easy ways to earn money from home come in.

If you already have a homestead or your own “place”, you can start a homebased business and make money from home.

All it takes is passion in one of these income opportunities and determination to make a living from it.

It is not by accident that many gig workers have turned online hustles into very lucrative incomes and full-time jobs.

So don’ think you can’t turn your home based enterprise into a career.

With some basic knowledge and hands on training, you can learn the management steps to build up your business over time (while you are earning money).

Now let’s see which one of these work from home opportunities is a good fit for your knowledge, skills and abilities to start earning money from home.

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Monetize Your Crafts And Hobbies To Earn Money From Home

When Jeff Bezos decided to add Handmade to the line up of Amazon products, he knew exactly what he was doing.

He is full aware that many people love crafting as a hobby.

More than that, these crafters love to create works of art that consumers want to wear or display in their homes.

So you can turn your crafting skills into a steady income with Handmade because Amazon has millions of hungry buyers worldwide.

Get my Fillable Homestead As A Business Planner.

Crafts don’t just have to be handmade by you; they can be purchased at a yardsale, etc. and sold on Etsy for a nice profit.

Now can you see that whether you are a handmade creator or curator, you can provide things for a market that is seeking your goods?

When you add up the number of people worldwide who participate in the Amazon and Etsy marketplaces alone, there is no way you can’t earn money from home in these online marketplaces.

When starting out, make sure to calculate how much supplies you need to create one order, and how much profit you can make from each sale allowing for taxes and other expenses.

Also keep in mind that well-written titles and descriptions in addition to captivating images are what actually sell your products.

So, let your words do the selling while you do the doing!

Another thing to note is advertising, which will help to set you apart from the people who are selling similar crafts.

Last but not least is the importance of “customer service”.

Be prepared to communicate courteously with your customers or you may be a one sale wonder then wonder why customers don’t come come back.

Repeat buyers come back because of the “experience” they had when they read your title and description, communicated with you and received courteous and friendly feedback, a well-packaged product with thank you note, follow-up about shipping and arrival of their package, etc.

And, that is just the basic customer service that every seller should render for repeat customers.

The other customer service tact that’s hardly mentioned online is “customers are always RIGHT”!

That alone, is why most online marketplace sellers get it wrong when dealing with their customers; and why they don’t return.

The flipside is those same disgruntled and unhappy customers will tell ten other people who may or may not shop with you.

As you can see, there is slightly more to 3 easy ways to earn money from home.

However, when you focus on making your customers feel good about buying from you, it can make this new job easier as it has become your main source of income.

To earn money from home has become a major concern opposed to making some extra cash from a temporary gig; it's all about earning a living.
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Tutor Students Of All Ages Around The World

There’s a growing need for tutors around the world to teach English and a myriad of knowledge, skills and abilities that AREN’T being taught on Teachable, Udemy, etc.

And you don’t necessarily need a degree in education.

In fact, you want to market yourself as a “tutor” to take advantage of “uncertified” opportunities and earn money from home.

I believe that a well-written title and description can attract more work than you can book in a month.

Be sure to emphasize that you are a native English language tutor who would like to help English language students.

Or, you can supplement the education of home-schooled students in the United States and elsewhere in English or your native language.

Basically, tutoring doesn’t have degree requirements and can be great if you prefer working one-on-one with students.

Your own freelance, online teaching and tutoring service gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you like.

However, you must be available during the student’s availability determined by their parents if they’re minors.

If you work with e-Learners in different time zones, this may give you more flexibility by making it easier to work at night after your family has gone to bed.

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Virtual Assistant Work Replaces Your Love For The Office

You can turn your love for office administration into a highly paid virtual assistant from home business.

With your well-rounded skill set, all you need is your willingness to help others.

Corporations and local businesses are willing to pay remote workers to serve as executive assistants without having to pay for the overhead of extra office space and benefits.

So be sure to remind them of these selling points in your proposal or advertising.

Virtual assistant work encompasses traditional clerical work, such as setting up meetings and answering emails, etc.

It also can include putting presentations together for meetings, creating reports and maintaining a social media presence.

The best thing about all of these tasks is that you can do them from the comfort of your home on your computer.

How flexible are you?

Clients may be looking for someone to do this full-time or during the day when they’re also working.

If you’re looking for a position that’s more flexible, aim for a job that lets you focus on social media management, which isn’t always as time-bound.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make a career switch, going full-time as a remote office manager or virtual assistant could be the work from home business for you.

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