How To Earn A Monthly Income From Your Newsletters

Earn A Monthly Income From Your Newsletters
How To Earn A Monthly Income From Your Newsletters

9 Steps To Make Money From Your Newsletters!

If you’re wondering how to earn a monthly income from your newsletters, I am about to spill the beans in nine easy and simple steps.

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Like any business, it takes hard work to launch your newsletter idea and grow a list of paying subscribers.

MailerLite has made it a little easier for you with this guide.

Decide On Your Purpose To Earn A Monthly Income From Your Newsletters

Start by asking yourself these two important questions first:
✅ What’s the goal of your paid newsletter subscription service?
✅ What value can you add to people’s lives that they are willing to
pay for it?

Define Your Target Audience

What kind of readers would be interested in buying a subscription?

Defining your target audience helps you to market your product:
📰 What newsletter content to create
🤷 Where to find new subscribers
✍ How to attract them with the right copy

Create A Publishing Schedule

Decide on your publishing frequency—and then stick to it!

A monthly, weekly or daily newsletter?

Or perhaps somewhere in between?

Decide On Your Pricing Model

Offer a monthly subscription of $2-$15 or a discounted annual plan.

Give readers a sneak peek with a free newsletter or a trial period.

Sign Up For Mailerlite And Stripe

Sign up for free with MailerLite for your emails, landing pages and
website; and Stripe for payment processing.

Build A Landing Page

Create a free landing page for your newsletter together with a signup

Show your product, sell its value and introduce yourself/ brand.

Grow Your Email List

Some ways to attract more signups: offer quality content, use opt-in
forms, give freebies, advertise, utilize social media and more!

Create Your First Paid Newsletter

Use a pre-designed template or start from scratch with a drag and drop

Match your logo, fonts, color scheme and other design bits.

Promote Using Your Newsletter Archive

Give readers a preview by showing them past issues of your

Offer your premium subscribers access to the newsletter archive as a perk to earn a monthly income from your newsletters

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