Make Money Drilling For Fresh Water

Drilling For Fresh Water
Make Money Drilling For Fresh Water

Wouldn’t You Rather Have Your Own Supply Of Fresh Water Free?

Is the quality of the fresh water supplied by your local water company going down while the bill is going up; make money drilling for fresh water.

Wouldn’t you rather have your own supply of fresh water free?

Well, nearly free.

It would cost $.03 or $.04 for an electric pump to produce 500 gallons from your own backyard well.

That’s about what the average family uses per day.

A company in Alabama has been in the water drilling business for 20+ years.

They manufacture a portable drilling rig called Hydra-Drill, which can drill a well up to 200 feet deep.

The average Hydra-Drill well can produce 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of water per day.

“After you have drilled a well for yourself, you can go on the road and drill wells for your neighbors.”

Ask satisfied customers to refer you to their friends and relatives.

Check with the big drilling outfits in your area to be sure your prices are more reasonable.

Future water shortages will make you glad you started drilling for fresh water to make money, and to have your own supply.