Don’t Let Your Bank Rob You Blind Of Your Rural Money

Don't Let Your Bank Rob You
Don’t Let Your Bank Rob You Blind Of Your Rural Money

Pay By Our Rules Or Take Your Money And Shove It!

Don’t let your bank rob you because the middle class taxpayer will be robbed of more than $100,000 by his friendly bank during his lifetime.

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If you are typical, you will pay more than you should for your mortgages, credit cards and other loans.

You’ll be cheated out of a fair return on your savings.

And, you will pay outrageously high fees and penalties for other bank services.

Banks used to be local institutions, which knew its depositors and gave personalized service.

But, these banks are being gobbled up or squeezed out by giant mega banks.

These enormous institutions cater to major corporate accounts and don’t care about you or small business accounts.

Their attitude is play (pay) by our rules or take your money and shove it!

Here are rules to keep from being robbed by your bank:

Bank Small

bank with a small institution in your rural area, if you can find one. This will give you more leverage to negotiate better terms.

Check Rates

Check rates and fees at least three banks. After you find the best terms, negotiate for an even better deal. You may wind up with different banks for different services: Bank A for savings, Bank B for checking, and Bank C for your mortgage.

Image by John Hain