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Dating Relationship
Dating Relationship Desire | Flirting Equals #1 Advice Site

Dating Relationship, Desire And Flirting = A Triple Threat!

There are three skills that need to be learned and practiced before individuals meet, which are dating relationship, desire and flirting.

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It is a fact that dating relationship, desire and flirting are a triple threat to achieve a number one dating advice website because these are high converting keywords.

Many women in particular are yearning for practical dating relationship advice, but don’t know where to turn.

If you have proven skills in these areas based on your own experiences, then start an evergreen blog that will always get a steady stream of visitors.

Talk To His Heart
Talk To His Heart: 3 Magic Words To Make Any Man Need You Intensely

There Aren’t Enough Available Men… For A Dating Relationship

Patti Stanger who created the Millionaire Matchmaker started by giving dating relationship advice and matching individuals for their first date.

She says that ‘dating is a man’s game.’

I tend to agree with her because there aren’t enough available men in certain areas, around the world.

Don’t believe it; see the ratio of single men to women where you live here.

Therefore, men think they are God’s gift to women!

Aau contraire mon frère, it is the other way around and don’t let him forget it.

Women have to be taught to take back their power. 🙂

After viewing the map, you should have recognized the following clues:

  1.  You see why dating is a man’s game.
  2. Single, divorced and widowed women is the market you need to target.

Most dating websites don’t focus on the female market—they focus on men.

In this competitive market of dating relationships, it is difficult for single women to find husbands or dates.

The Millionaire Matchmaker guru dated a man for years, but she couldn’t lasso him down the isle—hmmm!

Perhaps, she could use some different dating relationship tools and advice.

Most women don’t realize that there is a science to dating relationships, which is why some of them never have a problem getting and keeping a man.

Tip: I wrote a book entitled “Flirting With Intent To Marry: A Step-By-Step Guide To Win And Hold A Good Man In A Declining Market” by Jae Morgan (my pseudonym), about this science that most dating sites and books have not uncovered. Click the link above and read it for your own personal use or dating relationship site.

You may be thinking that a relationship blog is a great idea, but you don’t want to write all of the posts.

No problem, outsource the writing for this affiliate niche and be the mastermind behind a #1 advice blog.

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In terms of site design, choose a ready-made template for affiliate niches such as dating, relationship and love.

This is the fastest way to get your blog up and running without spending a small fortune for custom design, hosting and IT support.

As usual, I offer my resource for building an affiliate website with a pre-populated blog and built-in monetization.

By getting a pre-made niche site, you will have more time to focus on category and post ideas to help women solve their dating relationship, desire and flirting problems.

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Dating Relationship: Secret Method That Makes Any Many You Want Settle Down & Love You Forever

Categories For Your Dating Relationship Blog

One of the five main categories need to be “First Date” under which articles give practical advice to women about how to attract men, prepare themselves, etc.

Dating can vary between cultures, lifestyles, religion and sexual orientation, which are sub-categories to give posts more depth and interest.

Under desire and flirting, write articles that relate to the process of preparing for a romantic relationship and how they’re developed.

Also, write about where future spouses are found.

Often, people are set up on dates by their friends, or they meet the individual at work, a park, in class or online.

Write about these topics and TELL your audience what to do and where to go.

It’s that simple.

Integrate great images that give visual suggestions about your advice (a picture is worth a thousand words).

Other categories must include “Make Him Desire You Tips,” “Making Him Desire You FAQs,” and “Improving Yourself.”

Don’t stop there, there are more categories for this top affiliate niche such as:

  • What Are Your Desires In Dating
  • Offline Dating Tips For Women

Articles For Your Dating Relationship Blog

  • How To Improve Yourself
  • The Fundamentals Of Dating Revealed
  • What Are Your Dating Expectations
  • What Can I Do On A Date
  • 7 Do’s And Don’ts On A First Date
  • Offline Dating Tips For Women
  • Use Pheromones To Attract A Man
  • 12 Tips To Get A Boyfriend
  • How To Drive Your Arrow Straight Into His Heart
  • Are You Attracted To The WRONG Man

Remember that the goal of your dating relationship site is to help women SOLVE their dating relationship problems.

Put an interesting survey on the homepage to help women and men see where they should live to find their perfect match such as here.

Now that you have an idea about the type of categories and content for your dating relationship site, you’re ready to pick a template and launch it.

To get started, visit to select a professionally designed, high-quality site with all the features an Internet marketer could ask for in an all-in-one package.

You will discover that they have created websites to include everything necessary to start a business including the domain name registration and hosting.

More information on the affiliate website package is here.

Monetization For Your Dating Relationship Site

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