How To Start A Dating And Escort Dinner Club

Dating And Escort Dinner Club
How To Start A Dating And Escort Dinner Club

Tired Of The Dating Game? Have Fun!

Starting and operating a successful dating and escort dinner club can bring in $60,000 or more per year for the imaginative homepreneur.

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The secret to success with a business of this type is advertising that presents your club with savoir faire flair, while maintaining good taste.

Most successful home escort services are natural expansions of businesses that began as introduction and dating services.


To get started, you need an impressive looking application form.

Research into a number of successful operations seems to indicate that a four-page application works well.

This should be created as a private “member page” on your web site.

The more impressive your application is, it will give a greater aura of credibility to your business, and thus to prospective clients.

In addition to the usual questions pertaining to name, address, telephone number, marital status, place of employment, hobbies, likes and dislikes, your application should contain:

  • A short personality test, which can be obtained online. Possibly you can get a partner who has already run this type of business.
  • Near the end of the application, you should include a short paragraph pointing up the fact that your club, in addition to bringing people together, also provides an escort service for out-of-town visitors and local non-members for dinner and sight-seeing excursions. You then pose the question: Would you be interested in these kinds of assignments, which would include all expenses, and a minimum fee of $75 for what usually amounts to a very delightful time with an interesting person. Your only obligation ever is to be your usual charming self, drive if necessary, and enjoy.
  • Just ahead of, or above the blank for your applicant’s signature, include a legal disclaimer to any responsibilities or promises implied and/or not specifically stated on the application.

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Since this is operated as a club, it can be done online with a web site, ZOOM, MEETUP, etc. as long as it is upbeat and attractive.

You want your dating and escort dinner club to appeal to the more conservative or mature as well as the younger generation.

However, many our your clients will be mature.

The mature, intelligent sector of our society is “getting younger” and more vigorous, still interested in life than in years past.


In other words, your web site should reflect a modern attitude, but with solid values.

Since his is a club membership site, you should have candid shots of your members and clients.

These pictures can pose a problem for you while you are in the beginning stages; so don’t hesitate to gather pictures of various relatives, friends who are not necessarily located in your area.

Perhaps they’re on social media.

You simply explain that you are putting together a picture display book of terrific looking people for the promotion of your club, and their names and any other information will not be publicized or released.

Who knows, they might want to become a member.

After your prospective client has filled your application, the next step is a Skype interview.

Your home office should look cozy and comfortable, but business-like and sophisticated to reflect your personality.

The interview itself, is of course a formality.

You should use the interview to go over the application, answer any questions, get to know the type of person most likely to match this client, and to close the membership sale.

Be emphatic with your clients.

You are going to meet people in this situation who are tired of the “dating game” as it is usually played out in singles bars and unproductive groups they have hopefully joined before.

You might get added help in the area of interviewing by requesting brochures and checking out advertising from similar services in other areas.

Adapt any techniques you like to your own interviewing process.

Your online dating and escort dinner club requires an upbeat and attractive web site; so get one designed to make you money with 10 income streams here.

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