Cruises Are Back: Get On Board With A Cruise Travel Club

Cruises Are Back
Cruises Are Back: Get On Board With A Cruise Travel Club

Here’s Why You Should Be First In The New Cruise Travel Business!

Cruises are back so start an online travel club to make money earning a commission every time a member goes on a cruise.

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You can also earn money when a member purchases airline tickets and books a hotel room.

Today, things have changed quite a bit due to the pandemic, but cruises are back!

How To Profit By Selling Memberships?

Many people are eager to cruise again so with the right lead magnet, you could easily get massive emails on your membership list.

With a massive membership list, it would be difficult for your cruise travel club to ignore the profits of charging for membership, no matter how insignificant the amount.

For example, with 10,000 members, a cruise travel club charging only $20 a year will earn $200,000 in membership dues.

This revenue is above any commission the club earns when a member travels.

How To Profit From Split Discounts?

A cruise travel club normally acts as a travel agent for the exclusive use of its members.

As an “agency”, it gets standard agent commissions from airlines, hotels and cruise lines.

This can range anywhere between 10% and 18% of the purchase price.

If a member spends $1,000, he or she gets back anywhere between $50 and $90.

This is enough reason for people to join a cruise travel club, especially if the membership dues are just $20 a year.

Why Is An All-Cruise The Best Choice?

As today’s market shifts from the “all-in-one and do-it-all” service companies to that of “specialized” services, so do cruise travel clubs.

Based on industry statistics, the best area to specialize in is the cruise business, which will be the fastest-growing segment in travel “post” pandemic.

How Much Do You Need To Get Started?

Minimum Start-Up: $500

Revenue: $25,000+

Profits: $2,000+/Month

One Person Business: Yes

Remember, if you your cruise travel club has 10,000 members, charging only $20 a year, you will earn $200,000 in membership dues.

What Is The Business Of Your Cruise Travel Club?

The business of your cruise travel club is to sell memberships to your All-Cruise Travel Club and offer rebates on all cruises and peripheral services the member books through your club.

Find products or services that you can give as bonuses for signing up for a year’s membership.

You may even want to seek distributors who will purchase membership cards in advance, at 15% of the retail price.

This means that if the membership retails for $20, a distributor buys it from you for $3.

If you sell 10,000 memberships this way, you’ve just earned $30,000.

Then, add to this revenue the commissions generated when members take a cruise.

When you get an website, you get access to a powerful lead software to send cruise leads to yourself and to businesses that pay you.

Get on board and become a member of The Cruise Lines International Association representing the interests of the Cruise Lines segment of the travel industry.

The Cruise Lines International Association, also has a certification program that can bring your business immediate credibility by being able to sell direct all-cruise packages.

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