More Creative Ways To Save Rural Money On Your Homestead

Creative Ways To Save Money
More Creative Ways To Save Rural Money On Your Homestead

Creative Ways To Save Rural Money Now And Beyond!

If you are a DIY homesteader, then you are looking for creative ways to save rural money and these ideas will help you be productive.

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  • Shop for clothing at thrift shops (especially for young kids). Look for gently worn or even new clothes for 1/10 the price of new (or less).
  • Pay your bills online. It’s protected and you can save on stamps.
  • Put your kids on the school bus rather than driving them to school.
  • Slipcover or reupholster older furniture for a quick update rather than buying expensive new furniture. It’s très chic!
  • Refinish furniture and/or decorate with new paint. Use older and broken furniture to make a unique piece.
  • Take your lunch to work every day! Make your meals in bulk and then freeze them in smaller containers to save even more money.
  • Buy a bread maker to make your own bread. This is much cheaper than $5.00 a loaf, and tastes terrific!
  • Shop for dented canned goods and outdated toiletries at salvage grocery stores.
  • Read magazine subscriptions at the library or buy them at the thrift shop for .25 to .50 after someone else has read them.
  • Stop drinking expensive sodas and make Kool-Aid or decaffeinated iced tea, instead.
  • Cancel expensive landline options like call waiting.
  • Check out library books instead of buying expensive new titles.
  • When you wash your hair every day don’t lather twice. Save shampoo!
  • Change your eating habits and avoid expensive, processed foods.
  • Exercise and eat right to keep your doctor bills down.
  • Brush and floss your teeth and rinse with peroxide (Warning: don’t swallow) to keep the dentist bill down.
  • Keep up on regular auto maintenance and avoid costly repair.
  • Mend your clothing instead of buying new clothes.
  • Buy only clothing that does not require dry cleaning.
  • Take care of your own nails. Avoid manicures and pedicures.
  • Simplify your hairstyle – wear a hairdo that doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • Get at least 3-6 quotes when shopping for items over $100.
  • Develop self-control and simplify your life if possible.
  • Buy only inexpensive, no-name drugstore cosmetics.
  • Cut your dryer sheets in half.
  • Buy generic over the counter medicine rather than name brand items when possible.
  • Buy generic baby wipes, diapers and formula, anything you can for the baby.
  • Look for quality, name brand clothing at garage sales in more affluent neighborhoods.
  • Find fashionable clothing in the sale departments of stores like the Gap and Stitches.
  • Keep in fashion by finding basic colored tees and skirts and then add cheaper, trendy accessories.
  • Buy baby clothes privately from someone that has an older child (one year older) than yours. You can find good quality clothing cheaper this way.
  • When you get change back from a purchase, put it in the piggy bank. Always give the cashier whole dollars, not the exact amount. In a few months, you will have “found” money that can be used for an emergency fund.
  • You can save money by shopping for groceries in the “bulk foods” aisles in your grocery store.
  • Bulk up in the wintertime. You don’t need the heat above 68 degrees in the winter inside your house. Wear warm clothes and socks/slippers while in the house.
  • Use all plastic bags you receive at the grocery store for trash bags.
  • Some grocery stores give you a 5-cent credit per bag if you bring your own bags. Pennies add up over time.
  • Instead of buying a new house, rent to own. The payments are cheaper.
  • Install a water softener. It might be expensive to start up, but in the long run, you use less shampoo/conditioner on your hair and it saves your appliances (pipes, iron, washing machine, dish washer, kettle and hot water tank) from clogging up with lime scale.
  • Breastfeed your children!
  • Save money when shopping next time at the supermarket by remembering to check the lower items nearer to floor level as they are often much cheaper than those at eye level. Also, resist the temptation to purchase extra items at the checkout such as magazines and candy bars.
  • When you receive a gift that you are sure you won’t use, re-gift! The next time you will need to buy a gift – give away one of your own.
  • Buy, slaughter and butcher your own cow. The average cost of the meat is $1.00 per pound. Do the same for a goat, hog, etc.
  • Handpick your own fruits and vegetables in season. They are less expensive and better quality foods.
  • The next time you yearn to see a movie, wait to see it on DVD at the video store.
  • Quick braking, cornering, and accelerating (speeding) will eat your gas up considerably.
  • Never let your fuel needle go below a ½ tank, or fill it up when you drive it to “Empty”. Nickel and diming your gas tank gets you nowhere fast!
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