Create Online Wealth: How To Use What You Have Right Now

Create Online Wealth

Create Online Wealth: How To Use What You Have Right Now

GET RICH… By Telling People Where To Go

I can tell you how to truly create online wealth from what you have right now with an online platform that’s trending in the blogosphere. is trending and people are leaving WordPress (with over 200 M subscribers) for Income Activator for the following reasons:

  1. WordPress is little more than an online brochure; and online brochures do not make money. Income Activator includes all the revenue software at a fixed rate with no up selling. The other web site platforms lure people in and then start up selling them on the software they’ve intentionally left out. It’s a disgrace!
  2. WordPress is censoring content and deleting people’s web sites and blogs without notice. To date, WordPress has taken down 3 million web sites and blogs. Click the link to learn about WordPress Class Action Lawsuits.
  3. WordPress has open source coding and is targeted by hackers. Once your WordPress web site gets a virus, it can often cost 100’s even 1000’s of dollars to get rid of it. Income Activator’s coding is closed and not accessible to attacks.

People Are Creating True Online Wealth Through Income Activator 2 Ways

“GET RICH… By Telling People Where To Go”

  1.  Promoting The Web Site Platform

When 100 people register for an Income Activator web site, Income Activator pays you $3,000 per month.

When 1000 people register, that’s $30,000 a month for you.

The people I’m working with are targeting 3000, which is $90,000 a month.

Given your numbers, that’s what you should be targeting too:

Income Activator’s Affiliate Awareness Program

     2. Generating Revenue Through Income Activator’s Revenue Software

Income Activator’s 10 Revenue Streams

Google Ad Revenue

Income Activator have thousands of pages online and highly DO NOT recommend using third party PPC ads.

It doesn’t pay out like it use to.

The only reason I still have Google Ads on my web site pages is to show people that you can.

However, I’m in the process of replacing these ads with lead revenue using my own advertisers.

Please feel free to call my Business Partner, Lee Romanov at 949-545-4211, and she can help you set things up.

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