How To Create A New Business From Your Wits

Create A New Business From Your Wits
How To Create A New Business From Your Wits

Fill In 4 Blanks To Create A New Business Now!

Everyone of us have a practical understanding of the 4 common tools that can create a new business from your wits, if you apply them.

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The reason I know that is because the KSA model was introduced as a hiring tool by the government, but the personnel department is slowly discontinuing the use of it.

While KSAs in the form of essays or narratives may no longer be listed as requirements, they should not be dismissed.

One reason is: Many people are losing their command for the English language and writing skills to the daily and frequent use of “smart” devices.

Another reason is: Most would-be entrepreneurs do not know how to write a business plan.

Yet, if they would practice writing the KSA’s also known as KSAO’s, they would stand you in good stead when you do write a business plan.

How To Survive On Your Wits

Unless you have someone else to support you, you will need every available and creative resource to survive the eventual economic reset.

Forbes says, A ‘Great Reset’ Is Coming… But Not For Capitalism.

The economic experts also say, “There is a good reason to worry.”

Which is why sitting around and playing with your electronic devices is a sure way to starve, when it does happen.

Meanwhile, you should be creating a business from your knowledge, abilities, skills and opportunities (KSAOs).

Most of you already have some KSAOs or expertise in what interests you.

For example, if you are a bookkeeper, you might choose to offer a service about resource scheduling or time and billing for small Internet companies.

Whatever your level of expertise, whether professional or hobbyist, you can create a new career that shares your knowledge with others; and one that will succeed a ‘great reset’.

Create an opportunity for yourself where none seem to exist.

Find a need and fill it.

Once you think about it, you will know how to fill those needs.

Some of the main elements that will make you successful is to learn business creativity.

We all have to learn how to be an entrepreneur, and how to market your service or enlist a specialist to promote your work.

In fact, you’re actually the ideal person to market your own business and will do it better than a professional.

Simply because you know your business best.

And, because both your funds and time are limited when you’re first starting out.

You’ll probably have to rely more heavily on creativity than someone who has a degree in marketing or unlimited funds.

Also, in marketing any small business, it’s creativity that counts.

A standard way to begin is to plan your service or product.

Start with a simple outline that contains the description of what you want to achieve.

Then perhaps, since you are an expert, write a brief bio that explains how you gained your expertise.

For example:

Cover Sheet

List the name of your business and all principals along with an address and phone number.

Statement Of Purpose

Briefly state your objectives.

Table Of Contents

Section One: The Business

Describe your business. What will you provide the customers? Who are your target markets? Where will you be located? Who is your competition? What personnel do you expect to hire?

Section Two: The Finances

Income and cash projections

If you are buying an existing business, include its financial history under the previous owner.

Section Three: Supporting Documents

Back up information in the previous sections.

Include a resume of your previous employment history, your credit report, and letters of references.

In addition to any other items you believe will help the reader grasp how you plan to operate your business.

Since you are looking for another job, perhaps you can sell your services better by being employed as a corporation, which you can set up to do the job.

Hence, a consultant.

You do the work, but are employed by your corporation.

Your own KASOs are the tools to establishing your new career because you’re the expert who can also create a new business from your wits.

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