How To Convert Country Cooking Into A Stage For Rural Food

Country Cooking
How To Convert Country Cooking Into A Stage For Rural Food

How A Lost Generation Of Rural Cooks Can Market Their Craft With A Food Blog! #countrycookingblog #ruralfood #ruralmoney #rural #money #ruralareas

Country cooking is food that people love to eat that helps to leave the stress of the day behind; and it brings people together for what truly matters.

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We know that is not always the reality because we all have different desires and tastes; but it is what rural cooks are aiming for.

To be a good ‘country cook blogger’, it does not matter where, how, or what you cook—as long as it is delicious!

So this article is about encouraging a lost generation of rural cooks who aspire to convert their country cooking skills into a viable online business.

That means giving you ideas about creating a country cooking blog to show your skills in video action and your kitchen space—be it ever so humble for cooking:

⦁ A no rules family meal
⦁ A meal for one, two or crowd
⦁ An imperfect Sunday supper or potluck dinner party

The country cooking food blog is where you celebrate, talk, catch up, make plans, and laugh at your cooking mistakes.

A place where you never want to leave everyday—because you love to cook!

Everywhere in the rural world, country meals are ‘whatever’ you want them to be.

However, there is one thing we can all agree on:  Delicious food is what we care about.

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Country Cooking Blog Idea:  No Rules Family Meals

A rural cook may not have a fancy kitchen, but one you never want to leave, and where you tell your stories, create food memories and throw out the old rules.

The lost generation of rural cooks may prepare meals on floating boats, a charcoal grill, a fireplace, a rocket or kitchen stove.

Just as long as the food is delicious!

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Country Cooking Blog Inspiration

Country Cooking Blog Idea: A Meal For One, Two Or Crowd

It is strange that eating alone gets a bad rap, because it is something that many of us really enjoy.

With this country cooking blog idea, you can teach how to share a meal with quiet or entertaining dining companions like a spouse, friend, dog or cat …

But, it does not mean dining at a table or maybe it does!

This idea also shows your viewing audience how to really put out a country-cooked spread on the nights they are alone, cooking for one, or accommodating family, friends and companions when they come over.

Just warn them that they will be on your blog’s candid camera.

They will love to be apart of your new rural/ethnic food blog.

And, who does not want to eat delicious, free food?

Country Cooking Blog Idea: Throw An Imperfect Potluck Dinner Party

Generally, country cooks are not wealthy and don’t have fancy dinner parties.

However, showing how to cook and prepare for an imperfect potluck dinner party is a great idea for your country cooking blog.

A dinner party is intimidating to many rural cooks’, so it stops them from throwing open the doors and inviting people over.

Well, it is time to embrace your inner country French, Chinese, Russian, Malaysian, etc. cuisine and invite your friends, family and neighbors to see your rustic, rural potluck dinner party because they are all invited to your blog.

Show them how you push together the tables, put a handful of flatware in a jar, and let guest grab any seat they can find.

This is a pot luck style dinner where it is OK to spill and put your elbows on the table.

I guarantee this is a new country cooking food blog idea that will catch on around the world.

Video the entire process and shoot still photos to show detail how-to-steps on preparing the food, setting the table, etc.

These are just three ideas for country cooking bloggers of the future.

Travel blogs are starting to capture the real attraction of destinations by showing videos of ethnic food preparation.

Go one step further by showing how to serve it in your culture because no one can do it better than you!

There are many YouTube videos about country cooking and rural cooks.

But thinking out of the box allows plenty of room to showcase your unique rural and country cooking style.

When you start your country cooking blog, invite RuralMoney.com to visit.

I will do a review even if I cannot taste your delicious delights in person.

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