Cottage Rental: Furnished Home Stay For The Rural Experience

Cottage Rental
Cottage Rental: Furnished Home Stay For The Rural Experience

Cash In On Cottage Rental In Rural Areas!

Have you considered cottage rental of your small, furnished garage apartment or tiny house on a temporary basis for tourists in rural areas?

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This type of rental is an alternative to a hotel for weary travelers who want the full experience of the rural countryside.

And, it is a great opportunity for you to earn to some extra money.

Cottage rental (vacation rental) is not “new,” but homesteaders for various reasons often overlook it.

This is basically a self-catering rental for people who want to spend their vacation or holiday in a certain rural area.

Cottage rental has been a popular travel accommodation in Europe for a long time, particularly in France, England and Germany.

However, these vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world.

Cottage Rental Is An Income Option

In today’s renters’ market, having empty rental space on your property is like leaving money on the table.

There are several types of accommodations that you should consider converting to income property.

Therefore, the variety of accommodations is broad and inconsistent opposed to hotels.

Cottage rentals are fully furnished garage apartments, condominiums, townhouses or tiny homes.

More tourists are becoming interested in a  “farm stay” that encompasses the participation in working on a farm.

Other travelers prefer a more conventional rental located on a farm.

The traveler arranges to rent the cottage rental property for a designated period of time.

Some rent on a nightly basis similar to hotel rooms although it is more practical weekly.

Cottage rental can range from budget tiny house sheds and artist studio apartments to lavish, expensive private cabins in the world’s most desirable rural areas.

Some of which have price tags of hundreds of dollars per night.

Yet, all of the amenities you find in any luxury, catered accommodation is there to pamper guests such as:

  • Private beaches and lakes
  • Boats
  • Chefs
  • Cooking lessons.

Some vacation rentals, particularly condominiums or apartments offer many of the same services hotels offer to their guests.

For example, you can offer check-in, 24-hour maintenance, daily housekeeping, and concierge service.

You can offer as much or as little as you choose with your cottage rental.

Find Oud What You Could Earn

Why Should You Provide Cottage Rental

You should provide cottage rental as an alternative because many travelers are accustomed to paying for hospitality and timeshares at premiere independent resorts.

They are sick and tired of whole, fractional or timeshare ownership.

They relish the option to pay for daily cottage rental.

Furnished camper vans and motor homes are at the other end of the cottage rental spectrum.

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Cottage Rental Location Location Location

Vacation rentals are very popular in Europe, but one of the main destinations is rural United States.

Cottage rentals are available in most states of the U.S. and prevalent in major tourist areas such as:












Rural areas near beaches with beach house rentals are preferred in summer.

According to research, the vacation rental market is much larger in Europe than it is in the United States.

So, why should you let European homesteaders make all of the money?

Rural Florida near the Everglades is a popular destination for Europeans on holiday.

Cottage Rental Is The Best Option

Rural homesteaders unfamiliar with the concept of cottage rental are losing money!

By comparison, timeshare is a $1.9 billion business, which dominates this segment.

The advantage is the private owner bears the responsibility along with the sole use of the property.

Timeshares are much more complicated.

Traditional hotels generally do not include vacation properties for rent.

This does not mean you are trying to compete with local hotel accommodations.

There is limited supply of accommodations in rural America particularly off the beaten path.

Thus, For Rent By Owner is the best option for rural homesteaders looking for creative ways to earn extra money.

Provide The Best Rental Experience For Guests

If you decide to offer a cottage rental, then make certain to advertise your property accurately.

Example in point, a property may look like a rural paradise in the photo, but actually has a leaky roof and blocked views upon the travelers arrival.

As a result, you have to REFUND their money and suffer negative online reviews.

If you don’t own it, you can’t rent it, legally.

Many people pay for vacation accommodations sight unseen and months in advance based on your photo and description.

They expect and deserve to experience exactly what they see, read and more for this cottage rental venture to be a win-win.

One Cottage Rental Doth Not Make A Business

I am not suggesting that you start a vacation rental business with one property.

But, I do recommend that you consider it as an asset in your homestead money-making portfolio.

Before you attempt this idea, check with your local county, town and city authority for any restrictions on short-term rentals.

Guests usually stay 3-10 nights or a maximum 120 days on long-term booking in a residential zone.

But, again, check with your city about zoning laws.

Visit and to learn how to list your cottage rental.

Your cottage rental is not a business, but a limited lodging that is secondary to the primary use of your residential rural homestead.

Find Out What You Could Earn

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