Cost Per Action: How To Make Money Online With CPA Offers

Cost Per Action
Cost Per Action: How To Make Money Online With CPA Offers

Every Action You Do On The Internet Can Make You Money!

Cost Per Action (CPA) is one of the best kept or little known secrets to making money online; but unlike PPC, everybody isn’t doing it.

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Here’s the thing, CPA is another incredible way that Affiliate Network Marketers are making money.

It is a type of Affiliate Marketing that can make you a steady residual income when you select the right offer.

And, if the ad network allow you to promote a certain offer.

In this type of program, you can earn money in various ways.

You can make money through:

⦁ Pay Per Lead (PPL)
⦁ Pay Per Click (PPC)
⦁ Pay Per Call (PPCALL)
⦁ Pay Per Sale (PPS)
⦁ Pay Per View (PPV)
⦁ Cost Per Lead (CPL)
⦁ Cost Per Sale (CPS)
⦁ Cost Per Click (CPC)
⦁ Cost Per Download (CPD)

Sometimes you will see these terms used interchangeably, but they do not all mean the same thing.

In a PPL or PPS affiliate offer, you either earn on a set value or percentage of the sale.

You earn on PPL when a potential customer opt-in a mailing list.

And, you make money even if that person does not buy from the affiliate merchant.

After the potential customer opt-in to a mailing list, you have provided a very valuable lead to them.

Usually, new marketers choose PPS as their chosen method to make money online.

They like the larger payments offered with this technique.

However, PPS earners will only see a payout when there is an actual sale.

On the other hand, clicks without conversions mean no money in your pocket.

Choose CPA offers that are relevant to your target audience.

Do not select offers that are not appropriate for your site visitors.

When you choose a PPC offer to promote, you will get paid just because your site visitor followed the link you provided.

Based on the program you signed up with, the amount of revenue can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars.

However, it is based on what is being promoted and how much percentage you will get.

Why Do Marketers Get Involved With Cost Per Action Offers?

They get involved because it is a fairly easy way to make extra money.

And, it is money that can be made with little effort on your part.

For example, you have a CPA offer on your site that provides health and beauty information and products.

The steps to making money include:

  1. Finding an ad network that provide offers that you feel will benefit your site visitors.
  2. Placing a link on your site that leads visitors to the product.
  3. When the link is clicked on, you make money.

As a result, you have helped your customers and earned a profit.

Avoid offers that seem too good to be true or do not have a solid history.

It is best to find offers through ad networks such as and

I have been doing Affiliate Network Marketing off and on since 2009.

Therefore, I know from experience that it is about more than posting links on some irrelevant site.

You must build a website and populate it with valuable content.

Also, you must build your audience and email list.

Cost Per Action is all about developing a relationship with your audience and customers.

Before you can do any of that, you must have several traffic channels in place to promote such as display ads, search, social media, Email, video and mobile.

There you have it, how to make money online with Cost Per Action offers.

Remember, do not get associated with an affiliate merchant that will reflect poorly on your website.

Every affiliate action you do on the Internet can work towards making you money.

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