How To Start An Essential Correspondence Club

Correspondence Club
How To Start An Essential Correspondence Club

Help Single Adults Ease Their Lockdown Loneliness!

All over the world there are lonely men and women due to lockdowns eagerly seeking confidential introductions to other people for friendship.

They are everywhere!

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You can help these people ease their lockdown loneliness, and make a very good income for yourself as well, with a correspondence club.

If you enjoy people and have an imagination for the world of business, then this is for you.


The first step is to find out what the other correspondence clubs are doing.

Your purpose will be to design your own format, and look for ways to improve upon what they are doing.

Once you know what you will offer your members, fees you’ll charge, and the related services or items you want to offer as sources of added income, your next move will be to begin advertising.

Start small and go slowly.

This is mainly to enable you to handle the ever increasing number of members while still maintaining firm control over the time required to keep up with the business.


Your first advertisements should be in Facebook ads such as the following inserted once a week for a month, shouldn’t cost more than $25 while filling your in box:.

Young woman, just divorced, wants to meet eligible men through correspondence. Tell me about yourself with SASE to: PO Box number, and your name or nickname. Most people just use a tagline such as Joann, PO Box 555, Anytown USA.

At the same time this Facebook ad is running for men to inquire about the available girls, run an ad such as the following on about five or six other social media ad platforms:

Young business executive, little shy, wants to meet right woman through correspondence. Will answer all letters. Mason, PO Box 555, Anywhere USA.

Of course you should vary the ad copy.

Study the ads the other clubs are running, and adapt what and how they’re doing to your own needs.

Hopefully, before you began running your ads, you took the time to study other correspondence clubs by requesting a sample of their literature.

Or, search online to find correspondence clubs and dating sites for ideas.


You should prepare your own bulletin, which you can now send in reply to all inquiries, with an invitation to pay for a membership in your club.

Another thing you will get from this venture is an email list of both men and women seeking correspondence.

Overtime, this will become a valuable list.

Rural Money Tip: Do not begin advertising until you have your first club bulletin/newsletter prepared, along with your membership application.

Then, just as soon as you receive each inquiry, you can send out your answer via email.

The faster your service, the more credibility you’ll impart to your prospects.

Also, always observe what the older, more established correspondence clubs are doing.

You will want to duplicate their methods, but with more flair and better service for your members.

After about three months in business, you should be pretty well established and showing a good monthly profit.

Then, you can begin running advertising in the 7-11 tabloids, and several of the monthly online subscription magazines.

If you are an outgoing person who enjoy socializing online and off, and playing matchmaker to friends and family, then this is the perfect way to marry your skills with this money making opportunity.

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