Competitive Advantage: How To Know You Have It

Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage: How To Know You Have It

Learn What It Takes To Outperform Your Competitors!

Having a good understanding of your competition is essential to operating a successful company, therefore, you need a competitive advantage.

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Because if you don’t know this, you’ll have a hard time differentiating yourself from them, and that’s the quickest way to get people on your side.

When you have a competitive edge, it’s crucial to know that you’re doing things properly and can keep going in the same direction.

Some of the best methods to tell whether you’re on the correct path are listed below.

You Are Valuable

You will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage if you make yourself and your items useful to customers.

This does not necessarily mean that your goods or services, or your organization as a whole, are more costly than your rivals.

But, if you can show you have value, you could consider upping your prices.

In fact, if you can make yourself desirable, money won’t even be a consideration.

In this context, value indicates that what you offer is valuable to your buyer, not necessarily valuable in terms of price.

If you can give what they need (or desire) while also providing excellent customer service, they will be more inclined to come to you rather than anybody else.

Also, they will tell others about how much they like doing business with you.

This means that your sales will rise.

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You Are Rare

If you do something, sell something, or behave in a manner that none or very few of your competitors do, you will be seen as much more distinctive and unique.

People prefer to shop in locations that they believe provide something special and provide greater value for money.

Even if your items are expensive, the fact that they are not available elsewhere matters a lot and will ensure that you earn sales.

You Are Inimitable

Many companies started off original, but if competition sees that they are doing well and profitably, they may try to imitate what you are doing.

You get a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace by making yourself inimitable (that is, you and your goods cannot be reproduced).


It’s not always simple to accomplish this, of course, and it can cause problems when you don’t get it quite right.

You might perhaps look at things from a different angle.

If you have a unique product that you don’t want others to replicate, make sure everyone is aware of it.

Make it the emphasis of your advertising, for example, and everyone will know that you invented or sold it first, even if someone else tries to imitate what you’re doing.


Even if your product cannot be directly replicated, your competitors could provide an equivalent product.

If this is the case, you will need to devise a strategy that demonstrates how there is no replacement for your product.

Once you have done so, you will know you have a competitive advantage.

No matter what, it’s often a good idea to speak to a professional such as Louis Lehot: Lawyer when it comes to your business.

A good lawyer will be able to help you understand what you can and can’t do and how your competitors might work with you or against you.

Understanding this and using that knowledge to your advantage is yet another way you can get ahead and be the ultimate at what you do.

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