Clothing Exchange For Seniors And Kids Home Business Idea

Clothing Exchange For Seniors And Kids
Clothing Exchange For Seniors And Kids Home Business Idea

Collect, Exchange, Recycle, Consign Discarded Clothes!

This is a home business idea for moms in rural areas that don’t require money or experience to start a clothing exchange for seniors and kids.

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Many seniors and families have a problem buying new clothing so a seniors and kids clothing exchange (recycle) could solve their problem.

Remember that starting any business enterprise or side hustle requires SOLVING A PROBLEM!

Traditional Clothing Exchange For Seniors

Usually, a combined clothing exchange for seniors and kids is not available, but why not?

They’re both huge markets, so it makes sense to combine these inventories for additional sales.

In terms of the seniors market, there are hundreds of “traditional” women in any locality who would like to buy vintage style clothing and sleepwear.

They like things such as “old fashioned” long sleeve nightgowns, dresses, high-necked warm underwear, sunbonnets, shawls, capes, knit gloves and aprons, but these items are hard to find in modern department stores.

Why not cater to these fine elderly women by “making” these hard-to-find items for them, and gently worn ready made items available for them.

They would be willing to pay better than average prices for apparel they cannot get in local stores.

Starting a traditional clothing exchange for seniors or adding this line to your existing clothing exchange is a specialty service that has good money making possibilities.

Another idea is to shop flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales of seniors to purchase items for resale.

Some of the elderly, women and men, can’t go out to shop for them, so delivering to them solves another problem.

So, how about a buying service for them?

They will want to see what you offer, so start a website.

Just because they can’t get out, doesn’t mean they are not shopping online.

Clothing Exchange For Kids

Do you realize there should be a children’s used clothes exchange for every populated five miles of your town?


Because there is a constant need for clothes that children grow out of fast.

Usually, parents want to get paid for their discarded kid’s clothes.

But, some mothers will make a swap for another garment and leave her own to be consigned.

Personally, I like the idea of consigning and selling used clothing opposed to swapping and exchanging, which is what this post is about.

The thing is, a clothing exchange is very popular in some areas—and it’s entirely up to you.

If it were me, I would buy good used clothing by the bundle for $5, $10, $15, $20 top for quality clothing (no tears, stains or odors).

Then, I would price them and sell them for a profit, without the hassle that exchanging or swapping may incur.

Let me know in the comments if you agree with me.

Because kids grow out of their clothes so soon, this is an evergreen product.

Now, if you really want to boost your sales, start looking for skates, skis and all types of second hand sports equipment to resale.

How much will you earn?

If you take things on consignment, then you should clear 30 percent of each sale.

Insist that moms bring in clean, gently worn clothes and coats that their children have outgrown.

Inspect everything and don’t be afraid to reject pieces that don’t meet your standards.

Clothes with stains, tears and odors, etc. won’t sell and will waste precious space in your one-room home store.

Display a chart with prices you will pay for clothing bundles and coats e.g. coats $5.

Or, consign a really nice brand name coat and keep 30 percent of each sale.

If you are not certain about how to consign, then I offer my book Estate Sale Contracts Kit that has an amazing consignment contract that can be easily modified.

Another good reason for starting a clothing exchange for seniors and kids is to cloth your own children and loved ones with nice clothes.

However, discipline yourself not to waste profits by buying your own merchandise.

That is a strict rule I followed when I was in the estate sale business.

If you are an expert seamstress, you can alter and redesign kid’s clothes that come in by adding a little fur, changing buttons, etc.

Starting a homebased clothing exchange for seniors and kids or a general clothing exchange that include ladies, men’s, boys and sporting goods is a simple, easy and affordable idea to start making money in rural areas.

Come back and let me know how it turns out.

To your success!

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