How To Buy And Sell One Owner Classic Cars At Estate Sales

Classic Cars At Estate Sales
How To Buy And Sell One Owner Classic Cars At Estate Sales

Locating Classic Cars At Estate Sales Is A Best-Kept Secret!

You can make thousands of dollars if you know how to buy and sell one owner classic cars at estate sales if you can locate them.

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The best deal to buy classic cars at a good price is to peruse estate sale ads.

With this insider knowledge you have the best leads to the best buys at estate sales.

The first step to finding classic cars to make at least a thousand dollars on resale is go through the ads on and

The newer cars are one owner and in excellent condition, but the classic cars might need restoration.

As a former antique car club enthusiast and classic car collector, I know for a fact that you can buy a collectible car for $3,500 and easily sell it for $4,500.

The estate sale manager has usually advertised the car as a “MUST SELL.”

Don’t wait around on the price of these cars going down because these cars are HOT and it’s first come first served.

Even when a owner has several classic cars, one buyer could buy them all if they know where they are.

Buying and selling classic cars is a great way to earn money!

Rural Money Secret: Always tell the estate sale manger you must have their LOWEST PRICE before you will consider traveling to the estate sale. Be sure to get their name and leave yours. Establish a relationship with the seller and you may get a better deal. Remember, all sales are first come first served.

During my classic car picking days I would run across lots of classic auto parts and accessories CHEAP that I sold for A LOT OF MONEY.

For example, I was given two vintage bucket seats with no rust or damage.

I sold them by running an ad in the Thrifty Nickel and made 100% profit.

Many classic car owners have become tired of looking at “that old truck/car” in the back yard and have decided it is worthless.

In Georgia, you have to maintain a vehicle tag whether an car/truck is running or not so this is an expense they’re tired of too.

Tell them that you will take that old truck/car to the junkyard for them where they would get a little money for it.

Instead, give them $200 on the spot, but make sure you get the “bill of sale”.

Classic trucks are always useful to the RIGHT PERSON.

If you think classic cars are worthless, keep reading.

Several years ago, I advertised a ’63 Ford Falcon in the Auto Trader Classics.

I sold it shortly after to a Florida couple who drove up to see it.

They already wanted it and planned to buy it, which is why they drove the distance.

They paid within $500 of my asking price and sent a fancy transport truck from Louisiana to pick it up and deliver it to Florida.

I hadn’t done anything to that car, but it was all original, no damage, and a good starter.

To the person who bought it, it was a good deal.

It’s easy to find classic cars at estate sales and make a lot of money when you sell them.

Rural Money Tip: Don’t overlook classic tools at estate sales, which also sell well on eBay.

What Is The Simple Secret To Selling Classic Cars?

Even though classic car collectors may have one or hundreds of collectible cars, they may not know how to sell them for maximum profit—because they’re usually not interested in selling any of them.

The simple secret is: Buy local and sell nationwide.

Local people would only want to buy it for what you paid for it.

National buyers will pay a higher price and send a transport.

If you’re wondering how to write a selling ad, check out the ads for classic cars in the Auto Trader Classics.

Another resource I use is old Barrett-Jackson catalogs, which has a wealth of information for antique and classic automobiles and authentic auto memorabilia.

Finally, the system of buying and selling one-owner cars at estate sales works!

I can assure you that when these cars go on sale, they sell!

When you see a classic car or truck that you’re interested in, try to contact the estate seller immediately; and be the first in line at the estate sale—with cash in hand.

You may want to enjoy the classic car for a while before you decide to sell it and move on to your next classic car.

Estate sale classic cars are usually one owner and treated with the care it deserves.

The body and interior was expertly maintained and garaged, and it’s being sold at below market prices.

Even if the car isn’t in the condition it should be, make the deal and you will gain instant trust with the estate seller!

Flip it and let the buyer restore it at no expense to you.

Get it and get out is how you make money buying and selling classic cars without losing your shirt.

Estate sellers are not car experts and usually don’t know how to price a classic car.

By now, you should be thinking about how much easy money you can make by buying and selling one owner estate sale classic cars.

I’m a girl, so if I can do this, you can too!

When you buy or buy and sell your first classic car, I want to hear your success story.