Choose A Domain Name Perfect For Your Website

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Choose A Domain Name Perfect For Your Website

Your Domain Authority Begins With A Distinctive Name!

When you choose a domain name , you establish a unique identity in comparison to the competition, and it gives you ownership of your domain..

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Pick a “dot com” website that reflects the “commercial” purpose of your site and is considered a top-level domain name.

Pros And Cons To Choose A Domain Name

The main disadvantage to choose a domain name is using it on free platforms that dictate the rules of what you can and cannot write about.

In addition, they tell you what advertisements you can and cannot display.

The other risk is the owners of free blogs may decide to take your site down.

Therefore, you lose all of your content if you haven’t backed it up on your hard drive.

For example, Squidoo offered free websites, but sold its platform to Hubpages.

As a result, thousands of bloggers lost their content or transferred it.

This cannot happen when you own your own domain name and pay for your own web hosting provider.

Another advantage is, you must own your domain name if you decide to sell it and your website in a few years.

You cannot sell a website built on a free service because you do not own it.

Choosing domain name of your own sets you apart from the competition and gives you credibility.

How To Choose A Domain

There are two ideas about what domains are about.

Some webmasters want a domain name that has a strong SEO element to it, and others want a branded domain.

What is the difference in the two?

SEO Optimized Domain Name:  Have you tried to choose domain name, but it is already taken and for sale at a premium price? For example, or is known as an “SEO domain” because the domains contain the keyword in the URL.

Branded Domain Name:  I prefer both the SEO optimized and branded domain name, but it makes no difference which domain style you choose.

Choose A Name That Is Short And Easy To Remember

You can choose the SEO or branded style domain, but avoid long domain names because they are difficult to remember.

The perfect domain name represents your website on the Internet so make it short and memorable!

Aim for a domain name with 2 or 3 words maximum.

Choose A Name Without Typos’

Avoid misspelling a dominant domain name such as Google or eBay like “” or “”

This is a trick to get visitors who spell something wrong and it takes them to your website.

Choose A Name Without Hyphens

The fact is, it is hard to remember to type hyphens in a domain name.

People use hyphens when the domain name without hyphens is taken.

There is an argument that a hyphenated domain name is better for search engines.

If the domain name you want is not available, then using hyphens is an option.

However, an unhyphenated domain name is easier for searchers.

Personally, typing hyphens and underscores in a domain name get on my nerves!

Typing your domain name must be easy for your website visitors!

Choose A Name And Buy It

If your domain name is available, then buy it immediately!

It may be available now, but gone a few minutes later.

Godaddy lets you know why it’s great, whether it is a high value keyword, the average sale price of it, and its range of usage.

When you figure out what your domain name is about do not assume it will be available in the future.

Register your domain name through the ICANN domain name registrar.

A small registration fee is required, but it does not cost much.

This gives you the right to the domain name for a year or more until time to renew it.

Some web host providers pay for registrar fees and domain name for free, but others do not.

My personal preference is to register my domain directly with a domain name provider.

Therefore, I know that my domain name is under my control if I choose to move it to a different hosting provider, without any hassle.

In conclusion, many new website owners are reluctant to choose a domain name because it is a legal and technical step.

However, it is a simple thing to do to own and build your own quality website.

Choose domain name that you like and make it short and easy to remember!

Make a short list of names that you like, decide where to buy it, and grab it before someone else does.

All major domain name providers are good including Google Domains!

Tip To Choose A Domain Name To Buy

Look for coupon codes to get a discount for your domain name purchase.

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