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A CB Radio Can Save Your Life In A Dead Cell Zone

There Is Nothing Like A CB Radio For Women Living In Rural Areas

If you live or work in a remote rural area, a CB Radio is an inexpensive way to make sure that you can stay connected during an emergency.

It gives you access to critical information during an emergency, and provides you with a method to reach out for help, if there are no cellphone towers nearby.

You’re Probably Wondering: Are CB Radios Still Relevant?

The CB Radio still reserves a space on every trucker’s dash for its emergency communication abilities, because you can communicate with anyone without knowing their number.

Anyone who has a CB Radio can call for help, whether from the driver in need, or to report the accident of another motorist over Channel 9 reaching nearby listeners.

It is immediately broadcasted to the Highway Patrol, Police and Rescue Services.

This is especially beneficial if the phone number of the agency needed is not known.

It can also be a medium to connect rural drivers to family, when they are stranded for any reason.

Truckers use their radio to communicate with each other and share updates.

A cell phone is meaningless without service or a network connection.

Rural areas often have spotty service, and in the case of emergency, networks can be bombarded with users.

Dead Cell Zone shows a map of cell phone dead zones, and the amount will surprise you!

Depending solely on a smartphone can have disastrous consequences, if an emergency were to occur and service was not available.

The far reach and large community of the CB Radio keep information relevant, immediate, and perpetuates the CB radio as a first-response technology.

There is nothing like the rock-solid communications convenience of a CB Radio for women living in rural areas.

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