My Catalpa Tree Is Medicinal With Orchid Like Flowers

Catalpa Tree
My Catalpa Tree Is Medicinal With Orchid Like Flowers

The Catalpa Tree Has Cultural And Common Uses!

Native Americans used the catalpa tree leaves and bark as a dressing on wounds and sores and tea as an antiseptic and laxative.

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According to Native Americans, this tree has antiseptic, laxative and sedative properties.

Also, according to them, the seeds of catalpa trees can be used to treat chesty ailments like asthma and bronchitis.

If you fish, you are probably more familiar with this tree for sphinx moth that eat the leaves in large quantities.

When there are a large number of these caterpillars, the tree can sometimes be left completely defoliated.

Fishermen also use these caterpillars as fish bait, and so often plant these trees to increase their supply of bait.

Those are some of the cultural and common uses of catalpa trees.

My Catalpa Tree Has Blooms Like Orchids

Yes, my catalpa tree has beautiful, large leaves and prolific blooms of showy orchid like flowers that make them a superb choice for a specimen tree.

It is also commonly known as an Indian Bean tree or Cigar tree because of the long bean like pods that follow the flowers.

The foliage on my tree is green, but take on a more golden color in Autumn.

Once the tree reach about five years of age, you can look forward to the striking bell-shaped, white flowers with purple inside.

The flowers are followed by long seed pods that contrast beautifully against the colorful foliage.

Catalpa is a great, relatively fast-growing, flowering, ornamental tree that provides a variety of interesting features throughout the seasons.

I didn’t plant mine, but I can assure you that it wasn’t planted in cultivated soil.

Yet, it continue to thrive.

The neighbors said that the worms always got in their swimming pool, which must have been very annoying.

For eleven years, I have been spared the worms–only the beautiful orchid like blooms in May.

I look forward to seeing the blooms.

Once you get a catalpa tree, you will will see why.

Image By Ihtar

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