How To Have $350 Cash In Your Pocket By Saturday Afternoon

Cash In Your Pocket By Saturday
How To Have $350 Cash In Your Pocket By Saturday Afternoon

In This New Economy, Sell Things People Need And Make Kids Smile!

If you have no job, short of cash and anxious to get your life on a more prosperous track, learn how to have cash in your pocket by Saturday.

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The following money making plan is the fastest short-term way I know to put money in your pocket, if you don’t mind hustling.

The plan is “ roadside stand retailing” or peddling.

Don’t scoff.

Many a dollar has been made this way.

Side of the road or street corner retailing can be truly lucrative if you are really outgoing and like people.

So, if you need some extra cash, then swallow your pride and start selling items from a roadside stand or out of the trunk of your car, and you’ll never be broke.

I personally know a woman who sold hot dogs out of the trunk of her car at baseball games and made $1500 each event.

Also, I used to make about $350 at flea markets on Saturday, and by noon I was packing up and leaving.

You only need a little cash to buy your initial inventory.

Then, keep taking your profits to buy more and more merchandise to increase your profits.

For example, some peddlers who buy $20 worth of tube socks from a wholesale distributor at 8 o’clock in the morning, sell them a block away for $40.

Then buy $40 worth of socks sell them for $80, and keep on doing it until they quit at 6 in the evening.

As a result, they have made hundreds of dollars or more profit for the day.

Consider selling genuine “wool” socks for preppers!

If you can buy good, clean wool socks at the Goodwill, etc., then sell them too.

It doesn’t have to be socks, just sell something that people need immediately.

The types of items you can peddle is endless (wool hoods, caps, gloves … ).

You can start out, for example, with $20 worth of large, inflated, twist balloons in animal shapes to attract the attention of children, a little sign reading $2 for $3.

You’ll probably earn more money in a couple of hours working any busy area such as parks, malls, amphitheater, fairs, public spaces in front of downtown office buildings, and parades than most people make in a day.

Or, park your car in front of any factory or construction site, open the trunk and sell used overalls, jeans, flannel shirts, tube socks or the best mouth watering sandwiches you can muster.

Park in front of any busy supermarket, but get permission of course, and sell prepper supplies, firewood, etc.

Set up a folding table on any busy road and sell low-cost items that people NEED!

Don’t forget to check with your local officials about peddling or yard sale laws.

Another truly low-cost start up is a mobile juice stand.

In the summertime, sell COLD lemonade to make some “cold cash.”

Display a large sign that reads, “FRESH COLD LEMONADE ON SHAVED ICE.”

Charge $1 a cup on shaved ice on hot days.

Great idea for kids!

Again, use your imagination and go where the crowds are.

If it’s a gun show, think out of the “ammo box” and sell something preppers NEED.

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