Can You Really Earn Money With Group Homes

Can You Really Earn Money With Group Homes
Can You Really Earn Money With Group Homes | Rural Money

You Can Earn $300 Per Bedroom With Group Homes

Many people are asking can you really earn money with group homes; so do the math on that, and imagine if you had a 4 or 5 bedroom home?

Now imagine if you had a few of them up and running!!!

Sounds too good to be true right??

This is the biggest problem in the industry!

There’s a ton of misconceptions and just a lack of information out there, and this is why most homeowners/landlords are not willing to work with the populations and programs that we do, and our GOLD COURSE MEMBERS do.

LISTEN TO THIS CALL that we recently had with the VA.

All we did was send out one of our emails like you see above that are included in THE GOLD COURSE, she went and checked out OUR WEBSITE (THE SAME ONE OFFERED TO YOU,

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) and the result was a program that pays $1500 per resident in a roommate situation.

So 3K per month!

Listen to how relieved she was to find us!

I’m sure your wheels are spinning now and you have some questions. 

LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW with our founder about this specific program, and email me if you have any questions!

So how did we find this program?

Did we spend hours of our time digging through the VA website, and weeks of calling and going back and forth?


We did exactly what we teach our GOLD COURSE MEMBERS! 

Build a big contact list, set up an email marketing system, and send the same emails that are included in the IMPORTANT DOCUMENT SECTION OF THE GOLD COURSE!

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