Build Geodesic Dome Homes
Build Geodesic Dome Homes Of The Future

This Money Making Dome Home Idea Is Really Worth Considering

One of the great men of our times, R. Buckminster Fuller, invented the geodesic dome homes of the future to save money on heating and cooling.

What is a geodesic dome home?

It is a structure made of triangular panels that are bolted together to form a self-supporting sphere.

It is the cheapest, strongest, easiest to build, and most energy efficient design yet invented.

The interior walls are not load bearing; so they can be designed any way you like.

They can be short partitions that are movable or just drapes.

It is one third less expensive to heat and lighter than conventional homes and has Cathedral ceilings.

Domes range in size from 25 to 60 feet in diameter.

A dome home can be ereecte in one weekend by five willing workers.

You would first need to get the necessary building permits and clear the land and pour a concrete slab foundation.

Of course, you will be doing most of the labor yourself.

If you wanted to hire an experienced crew, you could erect a complete new home one one week.

Check the Amazon links below for plans and all materials needed to design and build geodesic dome homes.

The total cost would be less than a fourth what a conventional house of the same size might cost.

I think this money making idea is really worth considering.

In this topsey-turvey world, many people are already looking for an affordable home to purchase and/or rent.

This could potentially solve these problems for many people.

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