How To Use 1 Easy Tool To Build A Killer Website

Build A Killer Website
How To Use 1 Easy Tool To Build A Killer Website

Get Online Now With An Affordable Website Builder!

If you want to build a killer website for a housecleaning and gardening business, this one tool can help you save money and make money fast.

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How To Start A Housecleaning And Gardening Business With CleanMate WordPress Theme?

A CleanMate theme is a great way to capture more leads from your website for your home gardening and landscaping service business.

Start a housecleaning and gardening business with CleanMate WordPress theme designed to help promote services.

Whether you want to promote your own skills and services or you need to create a website for your homestead gardening business, CleanMate is well worth checking out.

The two main homepage designs are focused on persuading your visitors to become clients.

  1. From the large homepage slider that can be used to display photos of you or your team at work, to the service grids that explain how you can help and the pricing package table that outlines what your clients get for their money, CleanMate will ensure you can quickly lay the foundation for your professional gardening services as well.
  2. Another useful feature of the CleanMate theme is the service calculator.

Through this interactive tool, your potential clients can use the sliders, dropdown lists, checkboxes, and buttons to get an estimate of how much your services are likely to cost them.

This is an invaluable tool!

You can also use the calculator form to submit their information to you for a more detailed quote and personalized information.

As the service calculator is fully customizable, it can easily be configured to match your rates and the services you offer.

Thanks to this, it’s a great way to capture more leads from your website for your gardening and landscaping services business.

If you’re new to website design or just short on time, you might be interested to know that the developers of CleanMate will install this theme on your website and set it up to look like the demo version for a fee.

However, thanks to the demo importer tool, setting up this theme yourself shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

The online documentation and customer support forum will help you overcome any issues if they arise.

CleanMate should appeal to anyone looking for a conversion-focused housecleaning and gardening services WordPress theme.

🎉 The CleanMate WordPress Theme For Housecleaning And Gardening Is A Rural Money Top Pick!

If you have read my story about how I bought my current homestead, then you understand why I love this theme!

I’m a “doer at heart”, not just a promoter❣ ❤

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