How To Build A Designer Brand Print And Dropship

Simple Steps To A Designer Brand Building Process And Success!

If you have what it takes to build a designer brand, then you’re ready for a launch and big reveal to meet your high-value customer’s satisfaction.

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Meet your income opportunity Kin Custom!

They are a print and dropship provider for premium print on demand, custom branding, custom branding sets, and trendy apparel.

Build A Better Designer Brand Through Customization

We firmly believe starting a business should be simple, affordable and fun.

Whether you’re a shop owner, entrepreneur, independent artist or just getting started, we offer you great products, price, and services you can’t beat.

Kin Custom’s mission is to empower you to do something creative while making a profit.

From production to logistics, they exceed their customers expectations with quality and timeliness of our services.

With over 10+ years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain, they offer fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and minimal risk for peace of mind.

About Kin Custom

Their parent company, Epoch Holding Group, was established in 2006.

Our U.S headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio while our manufacturing centers are in Quanzhou, China.

Epoch Holding Group has launched successful in-house brands and are a trusted ODM supplier for companies such as Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, Staples, and more.

By connecting traditional retail practices with made-to-order, they have developed a seamless web-to-print foundation.

User-friendly online storefronts, product selection, logistics, and easy API integrations to name a few!

From choosing ethically sourced materials to selecting premier shipping partners, they take our job very seriously.

They craft our products from top-notch materials and work to ensure their printing process is safe, ethical, and minimizes environmental impact.

Grow Your Apparel Business

Kin Custom + Shopify gives you one platform to sell, market, and manage everything in one place.

Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform that powers over one million businesses worldwide.

Kin Custom provides the design tools, products, and logistics and Shopify gives you the storefront and marketing capabilities.

When paired together, you have the ultimate custom apparel and home goods e-commerce store.

Their free Shopify app provides high quality apparel with custom branding to dropship to your customers.

  • High Quality Products
  • Our products are handmade to order with the highest quality, ethically sourced materials.
  • No Minimum Order
  • Reduce risk with no minimum on a variety of products, including all-over print shoes, bags & apparel.
  • Industry-leading custom branding sets for only $1.99, including 100% recycled packaging.

Model And Product Mockups

Kin Custom saves you time and money by offering complimentary and unique product and model mockups to avoid the expensive cost of photoshoots.

Your customers can see your designed merchandise on real bodies and real products.

Simply design and the mockups will be automatically added to your store along with the product description and size charts.

Simple Integration Options

Their integration options are easy to use and quick to set up!

They have an easy-to-use design tool is your portal to do custom printing.

Kin Custom allows you to focus on the creative aspect of apparel, less on the logistics to build a designer brand.

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